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Keyword Tools For Social Media And SEO

In general when using keywords you want to choose keywords that many people are using to search for an item, but have little competition. But, without keyword tools to help you discover those words you’re just shooting in the dark.

Keyword tools are great for identifying keywords, but also great for identifying keywords that have low competition but are being searched for thus helping you come up with more fresh and usable content.

HitTail.com — This tool will tell you in real-time which long tail keywords you should use in your online real estate content to attract the most targeted customers to your website or blog. Long tail keywords are groups of words that users search for when searching for your content. Most people don’t just enter one word when searching. This tool helps you identify the best group of words, or long tail keywords to get the right traffic.

WordStream.com — This is a keyword tool that enables you to search long-tail keywords to see how many people are searching for a topic. Plus you have access to a huge database of keywords, visual reports and landing page tools that will help you optimize your website for maximum results.

social media keyword toolsWordtracker.com — Wordtracker offers a free limited version and a paid version. You enter in some words to start with, then the tool will return a list of keywords with information such as the number of searches, the competition rate, and other information that is important for you to consider when using a keyword.

Try out a few of these tools, and don’t forget the free help that Google Webmaster Tools offers subscribers. Any type of research you can do on keywords will make your content better for not only search engines but for humans too. You’ll be in a better position to give your customers what they want and are searching for if you’re using a keyword tool.

Monitoring, Analytics & Tracking Tools

As they say, nothing is ever done without the paperwork being completed. In the world of online marketing, social media and SEO nothing is done until the data has been examined.

Monitoring, analyzing and tracking the effectiveness of your social media marketing and SEO efforts will make you better at getting results from all your hard work. Without being able to study the numbers you’re just shooting in the dark.

Mention.net — This works to monitor the entire Internet, social media accounts, blog posts, new sources and more to ensure that you’re not missing anything being discussed about your business. You’ll receive alerts in real time, daily, or weekly so that you can respond the way you want to.

Tagboard.com — You can search for a search term or a hashtag and see all the conversations that are relevant to that hashtag across the web using Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google + and more. It’s a great way to research and monitor discussions in your niche and find content to curate for your website.

Komfo.com — While Komfo offers a lot, the part you want to social media toolscialcial cial medailook at is the Analytics, which is a free tool for helping you analyze your Facebook content. Komfo has a neat dashboard view so you can see at a glance how your content is working for you.

Rignite.com — This tool enables you to manage, measure and integrate social activity based on consumer behavior. You’ll be able to grow your community, drive traffic, and get a total picture of your fan base on several different social media platforms helping you avoid missed opportunities.

Each social media network offers some of their own analytics, tracking and monitoring tools. Check out what they offer and then try out some of the examples above. You can never know too much about what’s working, and what’s not working.

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