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Guide To Podcasting 3

Podcast Guide

Adding music/sounds to your podcast:

Adding music to your podcast can:

1. Set the theme of your podcast
2. Prepare your listener for individual segments or features within your podcast
3. Entertain your listener

When selecting your music, remember to consider the theme of your podcast and your target audience. Since each podcast is different and has a unique audience, the music used should reflect both.

Royalty-free music can be used in productions without recurring fees, i.e. without paying royalties each time the music is played. An alternative to royalty-free music is “podsafe” music.

Podsafe music is acquired by partnering with a musician and crediting their work during the podcast. Independent artists are making their compositions available as podsafe music in exchange for publicity and airplay. Sound effect libraries can be subscribed to for a modest fee, or podsafe CDs can be purchased and imported through your computer’s media player.

Naming Your Podcast:

The name of your podcast is important. It not only reflects your business and your brand identity, but it also needs to inspire people to download it, listen to it, and come back for more. Choose a name for your podcast that matches your content topic. People generally search for a particular subject when they visit podcast sites, like “meditation”, “marketing”, “investing” etc.

Like any other online content, publicity is all about using the right keywords. Your podcast can have your company name on it but you should also consider having a secondary name. Dating the podcasts is also suggested, because it helps subscribers organize them and know what is new content and what is old content.

For customers that download onto their iPod or other MP3 player, they will see a 255 character id tag that scrolls across their screen. Be sure to include your URL (and possibly your phone number as well) in that title.


Always script your podcast before you record it. Make sure to outline 4-script for podcastyour point or points first. What message do you want to get across to your subscribers? Make sure you are able to address this point accurately and completely in the time that you have allowed.

Make notes of where you want to add inflection. Podcasts that are without inflection or a range of vocal emphasis are not interesting to listen to. Add emotion to your voice; if you are excited about your material show it, and if you are discussing something serious or sad, let your voice demonstrate that too.

Don’t forget to plan pauses and breaths into your script and where you’re going to place your advertisements. Advertisements work best when you can easily transition into them.

For example, “Speaking of making money online, head to our website now and save 10% on our new book 101 Ways to Save Money.”

Here’s a sample format outline:

•Introductory music
• Introduction of host or hosts
• Host introduces topic (with an appealing title and teaser)
• Couple of minutes of content
• Advertisement
• More content
• Promotional mention of an upcoming seminar, sale or new product
• Teaser for next podcast topic
• Closing music


ashmertise-podcastMake sure that your audio or video includes an easy to remember phone number, because many people will be listening to your offers while they’re driving or working out. They won’t be able to simply click through to your website.

That being said, make sure you also include your URL in your call to action so that those that are listening on their computer can immediately visit your site.

Keep your advertisements short. Listeners can easily ”fast forward” and not listen to your advertisements. If you keep them to 10-15 seconds they won’t make the effort to skip over them. Additionally, you should transition into them as you’re speaking so that the listeners aren’t immediately aware that they’re listening to an ad.

Make sure that you keep the ads free of time constraints. Due to the nature of a podcast, a person can listen to it today or six months from now. If your advertisements have a “limited time offer” call to action, then you’ll miss out on a lot of potential customers.

Hook your audience with interesting content before you insert your ads. Placing your ads in the beginning of your podcast can cause some listeners to tune out; however, if you’ve already hooked them with interesting information, they’ll listen to a quick plug to hear the rest of your information.


The use of a podcast or the format of your content is virtually limitless. You can podcast on the following topics:

• Instructions or training manuals of your products
• Company news
• Commentary on your industry or industry analysis
• Creative endeavors like singing, reading poetry, reading fiction
• Behind the scenes information
• Interviews with experts
• Seminars or workshops
• Reviews on products or services
• “How to” guides
• From the field information
• Lessons
• Inspirations
• Meetings or mastermind group discussions
• Call in shows
• Monologues
• Dialogues or conversations
• Quiz shows
• News magazine format

Podcast Continues

Our next post will most likely be the conclusion of this series on podcasting.  See you soon.

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