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Getting People To Your Google Hangout

Inviting People At The Start Of Your Hangout

When it’s almost time for your hangout, send email reminders to your preferred guests.

Press “Start a Hangout” and add people from your Circles or contacts. Be sure to also select “Make this an event on air”, if you want live streaming. Select Hangout options and restrict your hangout to people over eighteen.

Click the “Hangout” button to start your Hangout rolling.7-hangout-buttons

Once your preferred guests have joined, open the Hangout up, if there are any slots left.

More Promotion Tactics for Your Hangout

Don’t just leave it up to Google and YouTube to promote your Hangout. Add extra tactics to make sure news of it reaches those who would most appreciate it and benefit from it.

1. Let your social network contacts know exactly where they can find out which new Hangouts are coming up in the near future with Google Features.8-google-features

2. Have your Hangout URL ready to copy and paste into Facebook and Twitter, the morning of the event.

3. Tweet and post it right before your Hangout after your invited participants have joined; and again when it’s just starting.

4. Ask your participants to Tweet it too – but also not to share the Hangout URL before you are all present. If you have less than ten participants, anyone can join – and you don’t want some joker to ruin it for everyone (or get your account banned!)

5. Embed your Hangout recording on your blog and promote it. That way, you’ll capture a different segment of your target audience – those who do frequent your blog, but rarely bother with YouTube. (Yes. There are such people.)

Remember to put actual calls to action into your Hangout posts. (More than one is good!)9-tweet

And once your Hangout has begun, focus on your guests and forget you’re being recorded. Concentrate on having a great time and sharing great information.

How to Promote and Increase Feedback During and After Your Hangout

Don’t stop thinking about sharing just because you’ve pressed the “Start Broadcast” button and your Hangout is now live. There are things you can do to increase interaction, feedback – and most especially, shares of your completed Hangout.

If your slots are not full, have a back-up plan concerning guests you’d like to invite on board. Click the “Invite People” button at the top of your Hangout window.10-add-button

The easiest way is simply to click on one of the Profile photos of Circle members currently online, but you can also just enter the names of selected individuals or even another Circle.

Then select “Hangout” to directly invite new guests you have chosen.

Change your promotional tweet once your Hangout has started and you’re live: Don’t just repeat the pre-promotional message.

• Tweet “Listen in – Live on Air – right now: [Hangout URL]”.

In fact, post-Hangout should be one of your biggest promotion periods of all.

1. Remember that editing your video with YouTube tools can result in several hours passing before your video is processed, so unless there is some glaring mistake or dead air that you feel will kill your video, don’t edit it immediately.

2. Let your subscribers know your Hangout recording is now on YouTube (provide the URL, of course – you can find it in your Channel).

3. Ask people to link to the actual post containing your Hangout and leave comments and suggestions.

4. Blog about your recent Hangout on Air. Do this more than once: Blog (a) about the actual topic (b) about your experiences, running a Hangout on Air

5. Include your Hangout on Air YouTube URL in your website list of resources for your readers and fans

6. Ask people to share your Hangout on Air YouTube URL.

Not so hard, right?

Having that first informal Hangout under your belt will do wonders for your confidence – but creating Hangouts on Air will do wonders for your web reputation – and your business.

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