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Setting Up And Running Your Google Hangout

How To Set Up And Run Your First Google Hangout

Google Hangouts are starting to catch on. They’re quickly becoming the hot new way to communicate with a closed group, share data in real time, brainstorm as a team and teach informal workshops; or just… hang out.

What’s holding you back? If it’s fear of technology or just plain don’t-have-time-to-learn-another-thing, don’t procrastinate any longer. It’s incredibly easy, and this guide will strip setting up and running your first hang up down to the bare essentials.

One caution: You may not be able to tell whether or not some essential component is compatible or working until you actually run your first hangout. Test it out with one or two trusted friends or co-workers before planning that big, live Broadcast on Air, to iron out any “glitches”.

Ste1. Enable Chat

The first step you have to take: Log into your Google+ account and enable “Live Chat”. You’ll know if you haven’t yet done that, because you’ll see this message over in your right-hand, vertical sidebar…1-enable-chat

This will enable you to chat with others not just via Circles, but via Gmail and other apps and systems.

Once you click the “Enable Chat” button, set up is instant. You’ll immediately see this box open up…2-chat-with

Ste 2. Create a Hangout
Now you can create your first Hangout. Here’s how…

1. Press the “Create Hangout” button.3-start-a-hangout

2. A new, large pop-up window will open, showing who is available; plus you’ll see your Profile photo at the bottom (letting people know you’re the Hangout Admin).4-invite

In the two Textarea boxes to the left of the Profile shots, name your Hangout and click on individual Profile shots or select (within the box) from your Circles to invite up to ten participants.

3. Decide right when you’re setting up your Hangout if you’d like to go Live, on “Air” and be recorded. If you would, click-and-tick the radio box to the left of “Enable Hangouts on Air”.

People can also join you by telephone: Just phone them to add them to your invitations.

You can find more instructions on the various ways to add or handle telephone participants in your Google+ Help Section.5-enable-on-air

4. Until people have joined your hangout, you’ll see a “waiting” screen. (If someone doesn’t get the message, quickly Gmail them at their Google+ Gmail address.) You can keep on inviting more people while you’re waiting for the first few to appear in your Hangout…6-waiting-screen

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