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ReasonsTop 10 Reasons To Use Twitter for Business (continued)

6. You Can Keep Momentum and Visibility Going While Other Networks Sleep

Another fascinating fact: When Twitter’s engagement is at its highest, Facebook’s is at its lowest. So you can keep the ball rolling from social network to social network, to suit different segments of your audience – and yourself!6-night-and-day

There are tools to help you find out when your unique audience hits the highs and lows on both networks – Facebook Insights for Facebook and TweetWhen for Twitter.

TweetWhen helps you explore the “science of Timing” via Dan Zarella’s video, as well as helping you figure out the best time to obtain Retweets.

And if you want more heavy-duty metrics, there’s always Twitalyzer, a heavy-duty suite of metric analysis tools.

The best way to figure out the optimum time for your audience, however? Getting into the habit of being there in person, seeing who’s online at the same time and who responds to your Tweets, or mentions you.

Learning when your ideal audience is actively tweeting in real-time will gain you more business advantage than all the automated pre-posting services in the world.

And with Twitter, all a tweet or personal retweet takes is a few seconds (and less than 140 characters).

7. Create Special Twitter Landing Pages for Your Business.

This nicely gets around the fact that tweets are only 140 characters long. Whet your readers’ appetite with a powerful or intriguing tweet; then “finish” the conversation on your Twitter landing page.7-landing-page

It can be a blog post, a link to sign up for a free offer or any number of things, but customize your landing to be especially welcoming to your visitors from Twitter.

8. Easily Search for Your Business Name

(Your personal name too, if you’re branding yourself.) It’s a lightning-quick way to find out what people are saying about you and/or your business.8-search

You can also instantly check out retweets and mentions to see:

• Who mentioned you in a tweet
• Who retweeted your own tweets

Checking which tweets get retweeted is a highly accurate way to instantly find out what sort of content or topic your audience likes the most. (Use Twitter Advanced Search if you want to search for something specific.)

And checking all of the above out on Twitter is much quicker (and less time-consuming) than responding to emailed Google Alerts.

9. Increase Your Twitter Efficiency by Using Twitter Lists

You can cut down on the time you spend on Twitter even more by using lists to follow specific people and topics. You’ll get everyone you want all in one focused stream.

Creating a Twitter list isn’t complicated.

1. Simply click the “cog” icon beside your Profile photo. Then select “Lists” from the drop-down menu9-create-list

2. You can then create your list

Don’t just create one list, however – create several.

And you can order them to suit yourself.

For example, you could have lists organized like this:

• Research Sources
• [Your industry] Leaders (e.g. “Copywriting Leaders”)
• Potential Clients
• Tech Experts
• Graphic Experts
• [Specific Interest] Groups
• Newbies
• Authority Sites and Sources

And so on.

Another way to use Twitter lists: To quickly gain a peek at what is going on with a particular group. Are they up in arms about some change in their niche? Are they excited about a new product? Complaining about something? Asking questions?

You can get great product ideas by using Twitter lists in this fashion.

Use Twitter lists however you like; tailor them totally to your business needs and interests.

But whatever you don, don’t ignore them. Put them to work!

10. You Can Embed Twitter Testimonials on your Website

And you don’t even have to ask permission. Just dedicate your “Favorites” function to only favoriting testimonial-like tweets that show your business in a great light. (“Bookmark” everything else you would normally have favorited.)

Then simply add a Twitter widget to your website. Traditionally, these widgets are used todisplay your latest tweets… but since you’re going to select the Favorites tab, and only save testimonials using your Favorites feature, your website will scroll through your selection of tweet testimonials instead.10-testimonial-widget

There are many more ways to use Twitter for your business, but these top ten tips have been proven to be among the most effective. Try them in your tweets – and be sure to track the difference.

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