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Reasons To Use Pinterest For Business

Top 10 Reasons to Use Pinterest for Business

If your audience is predominantly female and anywhere from twenty-five to fifty-five, Pinterest ought to be one of your foremost social networking strategies.
And if you don’t believe this, just take a look at your Facebook feed – and count all the Pinterest and photo shares.

Pinterest is also a social network for those who are visual learners, so if your target market is both female and visual in expression, you can’t afford to ignore it.

Let’s take a look at the top ten reasons why Pinterest can help grow your business…

1. It Enables You to Become a Trusted Resource

When you post photos on your website or blog and invite people to “Pin” your photos by installing and displaying a “Pin it” button, you are helping them solve a problem.1-florist-flowers

You are establishing, if not quite a chatting relationship, a personal connection with them. You’re increasing the chances of them remember you – and your site.

Do keep your site photos updated. And always include at least one image with your articles, new pages or posts – as well as your “Pin it” button!

2. Offers the Ability to Command the Power of Images – and Words

It’s not just about images. You have the ability to command the power of words. Yet most people are so busy posting beautiful images on Pinterest, they forget that words still carry enormous weight – both as graphic elements in their own right… and in search engine optimization.

Here’s an example of a word cloud made in about two seconds, flat, for free at Wordle. You could have a Pinboard made entirely out of the previous paragraph copy-pasted in.2-wordle

You can change color schemes to suit a mood… or suit the content meaning… or you can randomize the order until you get the balance you want.

You could also deposit your word cloud into an infographic. Thanks to easy tools like Wordle, you literally can do what you want with words.

But speaking of which, do use keywords for each image: Pinboards do actually appear in Google Search results.

Direct your fellow pinners to your Pins, when they search. Make sure it’s your photo of Gerbera daisies they share – not your competitor’s.

3. You Will Have Access to a Variety of Pinterest Resources

No other social network offers as many free or low-cost, third-party resources as Pinterest does! These resources can increase the value of your Pins in a variety of ways – from providing you with templates and editing tools to helping you analyze the latest trends.

Here are just a few of the most useful:

1. Repinly – Repinly will let you discover at a glance who the “Top Pinners” are, as well as share the “Top Boards” and “Top Pins”, videos… and statistics.3-repinly-stats

2. Piktochart and Infogr.am are just two of the many online apps to help you create infographics.4-piktochart

3. Shareasimage allows you to highlight and capture online text, and convert it into an image, customizing fonts, colors and background.5-shareasimage

4. MapQuest simply makes maps pinnable on Pinterest6-mapquest

And there are many more resources for you to discover and choose from.

4. Allows You to Easily Create and Share Infographics

Infographics (visual interpretations of information) have become a major draw on Pinterest – and other social networks. People quickly discovered it was much easier to absorb dry statistics or get a clear overview from graphics, rather than from words alone. But Pinterest doesn’t give you the tools to make them with.

7-infographicRelax! You don’t need a graphic designer: Using tools like Piktochart, you can now easily create infographics for your own website, clients – and Pinterest Pinboards.
Infographics Best Five Practices:

• Start with relevant, accurate information your audience will rush to grab
• Prioritize your information. Show the most important data above the fold or in the center of your infographic
• Use a Template, until you’ve got the hang of creating them
• Eliminate visual and mental clutter. Exclude any information not absolutely necessary.
• Be imaginative – but above all, be clear!

5. Offers the Ability to Connect Pinterest to your Facebook Page

If pinning is part of your business strategy, this is an opportunity you shouldn’t ignore!
And it’s painlessly easy, if you install it through Woobox. All you do is click the “Create Pinterest Tab” button at their home page; then select your Facebook page and click “Add Page Tab” in the window that opens up.8-add-fb-pinterest-tab

That’s all there is to it!

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