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Reasons To Use Google+ For Business 2

Top 10 Reasons To Use Google+ For Business (continued)

6. Google+ allows you to visually and easily control your networks with Circles.

Google Circles is one of its easiest and most attractive features to use. It’s like Facebook Interest Lists – only cleaner, less confusing and more effective.

It’s particularly great for visual learners. And there are far less “clicks” to click, when trying to remember how to create the sort of list you want.

n fact, it combines the best of groups and lists. And you have 100% control

You can edit Circle names and descriptions. You can block people. You can control and manage the visibility of your Circles. You can put people in more than one Circle.8-google-circles

You get to decide:

• What your Circles will be called
• Who you will drag-and-drop into each one
• How you want to order and organize them
• When you want to share a Circle – and with whom

People who view your Profile will be able to see who you are connected with – but not the names of your Circles.
And you can instantly invite any Circle to a dedicated Google Hangout just for them, so it’s a great aid in running Membership sites.

Best of all, you can instantly share and stream share and stream any content with or from your Circles.

7. You can trace your posts with Google+ Ripples.

Yet another great Google feature that is still being under-used. Ripples translates who has shared a post or link, as well as post comments, into visual graph form.

While its implications may not leap off the page at you, just from looking at one Ripples graph, repeatedly using this feature will soon allow you to identify trends – and people who influence them.

You’ll also be able to and track the spread of posts over time, as well as see exactly how your post was shared.9-Google-ripples

8. Google+ Communities lets you build relationships around a niche or topic.

One of the latest features rolled out by Google is Google+ Communities – its answer to forums and Yahoo Groups. You can look for and join existing communities… or create a community yourself.10-communities

One advantage in particular: You can be absolutely sure that everyone in your Community will see your post (which doesn’t always happen with Circles).

When you join or create the perfectly targeted community for you, you are also sparking and nurturing relationships with potential customers, clients, peers or experts you can learn from.

You can brainstorm ideas, ask questions, answer questions (a great way to earn trust and assume leadership characteristics) and talk about subjects that might not interest many of your Circle connections.

9. Google+ allows a YouTube tab, while you get a Google+ tab in YouTube.

Since Google took over YouTube, the two have become like Siamese twins. Share on one, and you have the ability to share on the other.

That’s the power of two top social networks for one: An SEO booster, if there ever was one.11-twin-tabs

10. You can firmly establish ownership of your original content through Google+.

Linking your Google+ Profile to your blog or website acts as a verification that you are the author of your posts and articles – not people who might be copying it.

Your photo will appear next to the content piece appearing in Google search results, further boosting your web credibility and visibility.
Your photo will make that particular search result stand out better, plus you can also expect it to drive traffic to your Google+ Profile.12-blogger

And Google will pair this with other posts by you, offering searchers more of your original content.

These are just ten of the reasons why you shouldn’t ignore Google+. Be a leader in your industry or niche: Start using them now, and you’ll be ahead of the field when Google unveils its next useful Google+ feature.

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