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Top 10 Ways to Share and Get Shared Through Social Media

Sharing posts through social media is something you do regularly. But are you among the small minority who do it effectively?

If you are, you’ll notice your social sharing increases blog traffic. If you aren’t, you’ll hardly get any traffic at all. Let’s look at 10 ways to get people to share your content. We’ll assume you already know about quality and including rich media such as video in at least some of your posts. But what about the basics?

1. Pay attention to pacing and post/discussion life.

One common mistake even experienced bloggers repeatedly make is not taking into account:

• Post life
• Discussion duration

In fact, both have different lengths on different social networks, with Twitter typically possessing the shortest, and LinkedIn and Google+ both demonstrating the longest.

1-strike-while-hotFind out the life of your post shares by using social media and blog analytics at your disposal – as well as a good dose of common sense. Be observant. While it’s okay to comment on a post from last Tuesday because it interests you, as an overall strategy this approach is not the most effective.

Keep in mind the old cliché, “strike while the iron is hot”. Post comments while discussion is still active… and give your visitors and readers time to discover your post and react to it before you rush to post-and-promote your next one.

2. Pay attention to how you shorten – and create – your post URLs.

If you belong to the category of bloggers who hardly draw a trickle of traffic, your bit.ly stats will probably look like this:2-bitly

And if they do, it’s ten-to-one odds your social media links look like this:3-tweet-with-bitly-link

Take a second look at networks like Twitter. Notice that the people with the most interesting tweets have gone away from URL shorteners like bit.ly and ow.ly (though they do have their uses… on occasion). People are now using shorter link filenames – often including keywords or psychologically-proven trigger phrases.

One way to increase click-throughs and shares: Begin your post filenames with a simple trigger phrase that catches attention, such as “how-to”. Also make some personal comment on the blog post you’re attempting to share.

Even typing something as prosaic as “reading about this” takes your tweet away from the dreaded canned-post appearance and gives it a personal slant. It reads as an endorsement to the other person’s post.

3. Pay close attention to headlines and graphics.

• Question: What type of blog posts do people share most on social networks?
• Answer: Their own posts… and posts that have catchy headlines and attention-arresting graphics.

It’s Psychology 101: Any post that entertains and hooks them, they can’t wait to share. And it’s not always the most clever headlines that grabs attention. (Just look at all the “How to” blog posts that are shared.)

Another type of successful headline includes the word “you”.5-headline

Of course, you have to deliver on what you promised when they reach your blog post, or you won’t get a second chance!

4. Be sensitive to social network culture.

Don’t share the right post on the wrong social network. Some social networks are more suited to certain topics and types of posts than others. If you share the right post with the right networks (in the right way), your shares will steadily increase.

Here’s a rough guideline…

• Post business-related and focused topics to LinkedIn. No posts about your kids and dog.
• Share useful posts via Twitter
• Share entertaining and longer posts via Facebook
• Share all of the above on Google+ — though dramatic “art” photographs are trending right now

• Share entertainment and youth-related content on Pheed and MySpace
• Share hobbies on Yahoo!
• Share everything on Digg6-art-photo-google

5. Use the tools.

There are dozens of widgets and apps to help you generate shares. What these resources do is make it easy for your reader to share – and that can play a deciding factor on whether or not they do share your post.

Here are some of the most popular…

a) Facebook plugins7-facebook-plugins

b) LinkedIn share button builder
c) Shareaholic publisher tools
d) Twitter buttons
e) Embedded Twitter timelines and tweets
f) Customized twitter widgets for your blog

Combining your shares with a personal call to action can give your automated resources a boost, so experiment with that, too.

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