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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest

30 Days To Growing Your Website Traffic With Pinterest

Did you know that men are the fastest growing demographic on Pinterest? Millions of women already love pinning. Are you tapping into this opportunity to reach both male and female consumers? If not, you should be.

As a marketer, you always need to know who makes up your Pinterest audience. For example, if you are in the beauty and fashion niche, you know that your audience is made up of mostly women, while someone in the male dominated niche of automobile restoration caters to the men.

However, it’s vital to remember that Pinterest’s demographics are growing with a mixture of male and female, so don’t alienate your potential audience by having tunnel vision.

5-ways-to-drive-blog-traffic-with-pinterestWhat is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a free website that allows users to upload, save, sort and manage images (known as pins) and other content such as videos and infographics to what is known as pinboards. Pinterest is a personalized social media platform where users can browse the content others have pinned. They can then save these pins to their own boards and share it with their followers.

Users can add images to their boards from websites outside of Pinterest. This is accomplished through a “Pin It “button you place on your website.

You might be wondering how you can use Pinterest for traffic generation. The answers are in this 30 day guide. We’ve set up a task for you to do each day to build your Pinterest traffic for the next 30 days.

Why is Pinterest a Great Traffic Generator?

Did you know people referred to ecommerce sites by Pinterest pins are 10% more likely to make a purchase online than users from other social media sites? And they spend twice as much as people referred by Facebook.

Are you ready to get a percentage of them too?

Here’s another statistic for you. A study by Shopify shows that the number of orders through Pinterest increased by 79% in 2014, with the average sale being around $60.

And Shareholic data shows Pinterest driving more Web traffic than any of the other social networks.

Can you imagine how great that would be for your business?

Visual marketing in every field has grown in popularity in recent years and is likely to continue to grow.

Using Pinterest as your visual content platform to share images is one of the easiest ways to generate traffic to your blog.

Some of the amazing benefits of Pinterest for generating traffic are the following:

• Building relationships. Pinterest is a great source to build online relationships and a community of people that are excited about your brand. It’s a great source for building an online community of potential buyers. When you build relationships with your community they are more likely to recommend you to others.
• Pinterest lets you share links and, by using high-quality images with your links, you encourage people to share your content and to visit your blog.
• Consistent pinning to your boards helps you build a high level of pins that continually get repinned. Pin at least 20 pins daily with a few of the pins of stuff that links back to your website.
• Pins you’ve pinned on Pinterest will be found months and months after you’ve pinned it. Unlike Facebook or Twitter where your content is short lived, your content on Pinterest appears fresh even when things were pinned a year ago. This means you constantly have a new stream of people searching your stuff and repinning.
• There are several places on a pin that allow you to have 2-traffic from Pinterestlinks to your website. When someone clicks on a pin and enlarges it, the website button at the top of the pin links to the address from where the image was pinned. People can click on this link and be taken to your website. A logo or watermark of your URL can and should be placed somewhere on the image to send pinners back to your site. You can include clickable URLs in your pins’ descriptions.
• Traffic is generated to your website when people use the Pinterest Search tool. Users search Pinterest for specific keywords. With the right keywords, pinners find your content and, in turn, you get more visits to your website.

There is no doubt that Pinterest is a fun site just to store favorite images of things you want to do or see. But using Pinterest for business as a way to generate traffic can lead to a new level of visitors to your website. There are many ways you can use Pinterest to gain traffic. Let’s take a look at each of them.rest

Your Pinterest Guide To Traffic

In the next post we will start the day by day guide to Pinterest traffic getting solution.

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