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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest 2

Your 30 Day Pinterest Traffic Generation Guide

Building traffic with Pinterest can be fun but does require some planning and implementing. Over the next 30 days, implement each of the tasks and consistently work on building your Pinterest boards with relevant images, content and fun.

Day 1

Make your business visible on Pinterest with a Profile page.

You should have set up your Pinterest account as a Pinterest for Business Account already to get the benefits it offers. If not, do that first, and then go back to the profile page to add your business information. Include your brand’s name and the website address for your brand on your Pinterest profile page. Be sure to connect it with your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ profiles for the maximum visibility. Your pin captions should explain why the content is useful to your customers. Also include your brand’s name and URL in the caption of the image.

Today’s task: Update your profile to include your business information, brand name and URL address.

Day 2

Install a “Pin it” plugin or widget button on your website.

A “Pin it” button can increase referral traffic back to your site. Your blog articles are shared with your readers, their friends and followers when you have a “pin it” button on all your blog posts. Add the “Pin it” button by logging into Pinterest for Business. Click on the tools tab, then the Pin it Button tab from the drop down menu.3-tools on pinterest

Click on the “Make a Pin It button”. This takes you to the Widget builder. Here you can choose (1) the type of button you want and (2) the appearance of the button. (3) click the Build it button. Copy the code and follow the instructions for adding it to your website. on 4-build buttonon on pinterest

There are plugins you can use for the Pin it button as well. Perform a search for WordPress plugins that add the Pinterest Pin it button for Images to your website.

Today’s task: Install the Pin it Button widget or plugin.

Day 3

Create original content to Pin.

Learn how to create valuable visual content. The content can be anything including videos, images, graphics, infographics, and text on colored backgrounds.

Give something away in your pin. It could be a new tool, template or an app. Share it in a text graphic pin with a link to where they can sign up to get it.

Keep it simple.

Clear, clean product images on white or light gray background work well. If you are adding images of your physical products, use either a natural environment or on a person.

Today’s task: Begin creating compelling original content.

Day 4

Have a specific goal in mind.

Before you post a single image or create a board, decide what you want to focus on this year. Are you looking for more sales or traffic? Is the goal to have more engagement or more followers? You can use

Pinterest for all of these things, but you want to focus on what’s most important to your business growth at this moment. Use Pinterest Analytics to track metrics to see how you are doing.

Today’s task: Write down the specific goal you want to achieve by using Pinterest.

Day 5

Create specific and appropriate boards.

At this point you are ready to create specific boards. The boards should be relevant to your brand and what your goals are. So, for example, if you have a fashion blog focusing on dresses, your boards might include styles, colors, cuts, seasonal, length, special occasions, inspiration, etc. These boards will show up in the search when visitors are looking for specific terms.

Today’s task: Decide which boards you need to create, and then create them.

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