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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest 3

 Your 30 Day Pinterest Traffic Generation Guide

Day 6

Create a blog board.

Create a board specifically for your blog articles. Followers can easily find your blog posts and follow your blog board. The title of the blog board should be the same as your blog page’s title. So, let’s say you have an Etsy store and your blog is about doing DIY crafts, the name of your Pinterest blog board will be the same as your blog, such as “My DIY Crafts Blog” Use keywords in your Pinterest board to help it show up in search engines, as well.

Each time you write a blog post, pin it to your blog board. Always include a short summary or quote from the post, an image that represents the post, and a link back to your blog article.

Today’s task: Set up your blog board.

Day 7

Pinterest for your blogCreate a daily Pinning routine.

While you’re starting to build your Pinterest marketing campaign, you need to pin something every day.

People will find and pin your stuff that you may have pinned months before. Even so, you still need to add new pins every day to build up a huge volume of content. Pinterest is all about volume. Set up a schedule of 10-25 minutes a day to add new pins to your site. 20 pins a day is a good goal. It doesn’t have to be all your content. Repin relevant images and quotes.

One good thing about repinning other people’s pins is the fact that they will receive a notification you repinned their stuff. When they do, they will check out your pins and may begin following you as well as well repinning your stuff, spreading your content among their followers.

Today’s task: Create a time slot in your daily schedule to pin at least 20 pins to your boards.
Day 8

Make your blog post pins easy to find.

You want to make sure your pins are actually searchable on Pinterest. They are indexed within the Pinterest site as well as on search engines. You want the search engines to find you.
Set your account settings so that your “Search Privacy” setting is set so public search engines can find you.5-privacy on pinterest

Today’s task: Set your privacy settings to allow your pins to be indexed.

Day 9

Include a call to action in your captions.

You’re probably already using these same techniques in all your other powerful marketing strategies. You add a call to action in your blog posts and on your other social media marketing campaigns. The same should be done for your Pinterest pins.

Include a call to action (CTA) in the caption area of your image or other content. Link the CTA to an ongoing campaign or to your autoresponder landing page to get referral traffic. You can add the CTA to the actual image as well.

Today’s task: Go through all your pins and make sure there is a CTA on all of them.

Day 10

Pin tutorials, quotes, teasers and images.

People are thirsty for learning. They love to share and store helpful information. No matter what niche you’re in or whether you’re a blogger, product or service-based business, you should be pinning tutorials and helpful information your followers can use.

Use teaser pins to intrigue people and to get them to click through. A teaser pin can be as simple as a bit of text on top of an image or colorful background with a teaser headline. For example, “How to Take Better Photographs” or “The 5 Things You Should Always Keep in Your Craft Supplies”.

Today’s task: Create a teaser image for one of your posts.

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