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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest 4

Your 30 Day Pinterest Traffic Generation Guide

Day 11

Start the repinning process first.

Be the first to share your blog post on

Pinterest.inning your blog post can be done easily if you add the Pin it Bookmarklet to your browser’s toolbar. Choose the board that best fits with the post. In the image, have a caption that links back to the original post.

To add the bookmarklet, go to Pinterest. Choose your Browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox). Click on Get our browser button. Follow the instructions for your browser.

After installing, click on the red P at the top of your browser whenever you want to pin something from the web.6-browser button on pinterest

When you share your article first you are getting your post out there in front of your followers who will begin repinning it.

[tip]Tip: Get even more traffic to the pin by copying the URL for the pin, (each pin on Pinterest has its own URL), and cross-posting it on Facebook and Twitter.[/tip]

Today’s task: Add the Pinterest Bookmarklet to your browser and use it to add a post to one of your boards.

Day 12

Write compelling descriptions.

Just like a well-written post will get shared, a compelling Pin description can help you get found by people searching for good content. Your descriptions should be accomplishing a particular goal with specific details about the pin. It can include keywords, but don’t stuff it with them.

Hashtags aren’t needed or even supported on Pinterest, so don’t use them. Here are some ideas on what makes good pin descriptions:

Recipes: Describe the main ingredients and how to cook it.

Fashion: Tell what kind of clothing it is, the designer or season it should be worn.

Travel: Give the location and what kinds of things can be done there.

DIY: Describe what it is, how to make it or what materials are needed.

Photography: Name who the photographer is, the year it was taken, and the subject.

Design: Mention the designer, medium, publication, etc.

Today’s task: Rewrite or write the descriptions on one of your Pins that is compelling and share worthy.

Day 13
Go mobile.

It’s been shown that 75% of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile devices. You need to be sure your mobile website works.

Click on your Pins using different devices to see how other pinners will experience your stuff.

Today’s task: View your pins from your tablet and mobile phone.

Day 14

Look to other pinners for inspiration.

Having trouble getting creative with your pins? Check out what others are pinning on their boards. Look at the other stuff someone who is pinning your pins has on their boards. This can give you insight on what the latest trends are, enable you to learn what your typical customer is interested in, and spark your creative imagination for new ideas for a marketing campaign.

Today’s task: Browse other boards for inspiration on a new marketing campaign.

Day 157-contest on pinteret

Host a contest on Pinterest for more traffic.

People love contests. Drive traffic to your blog with interactive content. Run a contest on your blog and then pin it to a specific board on Pinterest. This type of contest drives traffic to your website.

Another type of contest is the “Pin it to Win it”. Host a contest where pinners pin content from your site or repin pins that have links back to your site that you already have on Pinterest. Or search out how others like Sony, Land’s End or Jetsetter are using contests. The main point is to get other people to share your pins that are promoting your site, a landing page or even a specific offer.

Today’s task: Make a contest Board and Set up a contest on your blog to pin to it.

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