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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest 5

Your 30 Day Pinterest Traffic Generation Guide

Day 16

Use Pinterest Messages to engage your audience.

Pinterest Messages is a lot like the messaging or chat options found on other social platforms. With Messages you can contact a pinner directly on Pinterest or send them a message directly to their email address. The only thing is they have to be following at least one of your boards.

This is a great tool for sharing content directly with another pinner. You can engage them in a conversation through Messages instead of having to use comments on individual pins.

Today’s task: Engage one or more pinners with a message about one of your pins.

Pinterest up the wallDay 17

Invite collaboration.

Collaborate with other pinners to grow followers and curate pins. Look for pinners who follow your boards who are already established and have a good number of followers and pins. Active pinners help bring traffic your way when you partner with them.

Message these pinners and introduce yourself. Let them know the types of board you’d like them to help you with. Include examples of pins from your board so they have a good idea if you are a good fit for them as well.

Becasual but professional, making your offer clear.

Today’s task: Find 5 different pinners to contact about collaborating.

Day 18

Use good Visuals.

Pinterest is a visual social site. Great visuals are what entices pinners to click through. Pinterest is filled with appealing images. You want to stand out so you can capture the attention of Pinterest visitors. You want them to click through to your website once they find your images.

Your images need to be in focus, relevant to your board, and easily shared. A pinnable image needs to be eye-catching. It can be a picture or a graphic with a headline in an easy to read font. Be sure to add a watermark with your business name or domain name on the image, as well.

Today’s task: Create a good visual for one of your boards.

Day 198-rich pin use on pinterest

Add a Rich Pins plugin.

The Rich pins plugin makes it easier for your customers to find more information, like ingredients from a food image. It can include real-time pricing and availability for tangible products.

There are 6 types of Rich Pins: app, movie, recipe, article, product and place.

Today’s task: Install or have installed the Rich pins plugin on your website.

Day 20

Start following interesting and influential people.

The next thing you should do is to begin following interesting and influential people in your niche. Like their pins and repin their content. Follow them or follow specific boards. Leave a short comment praising something you like.

Today’s task: Find 10 interesting or influential people in your niche and begin following them, leaving comments on some of their pins.

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