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Grow Your Website Traffic With Pinterest 6

Your 30 Day Pinterest Traffic Generation Guide

Day 20

Start following interesting and influential people.

The next thing you should do is to begin following interesting and influential people in your niche. Like their pins and repin their content. Follow them or follow specific boards. Leave a short comment praising something you like.

Today’s task: Find 10 interesting or influential people in your niche and begin following them, leaving comments on some of their pins.

Book on PinterestDay 21

Inspire your audience with the lifestyle.

Don’t just sell to your audience. Create boards around lifestyle themes that include your products. You want to sell the lifestyle. For example create a board that’s called “For the Home” instead of “XYZ Furniture”. Include not only your products, but also curated pins from others that show the lifestyle you are promoting.

Today’s task: Make a plan on how to sell the lifestyle to your audience.

Day 22

Leverage the power of influencers.

Partner with Pinterest influencers and other influential bloggers. This gives your product some clout while helping brands get access to new audiences. B

ecome a Guest pinner to create boards on an influencer’s account. Be aware that some may charge a fee for this service.

Today’s task: Choose a few Pinterest influencers you want to work with and contact them with your idea.

Day 23

Create a My Blog Writers board.

As a rule, the more your followers know about you, the better your relationships will be. One way to do this is the let your followers know the faces behind the articles you post. Make a board fun and personable board that shows the authors. This works for one or two person blogs as well as larger brands. You want your followers to know you, so include pictures of the writers, their bio and a quirky related hobby. You could include a short quote from their post and attribute them.

Today’s task: Create a My Blog Writers board and add your picture, bio and quirky tidbit.

Day 24How to grow your website traffic with pinterest

Send an email auto-responder invitation.

Use your email auto-responder tool to invite every new newsletter subscriber you get to follow you on Pinterest. Explain why they should follow your boards. For example, you might have a board called “special deals” that only your Pinterest followers have access to.

Today’s task: Pick one board you want to send an email invitation to your list to follow.

Day 25

Rebuild broken links.

There’s nothing worse than clicking through a pin only to find a broken link.

Make sure all the click-through links works on all your pins. For example if you’ve deleted a product page or no longer offer a product, make sure you remove those links and update with a good link that is useful.

Today’s task: Go through all your pins, past and present, and update the links if needed.

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