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Instagram Guide For Business 2

Your Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business

Adding a Profile Photo

At this time, you can only add or change your profile image from the Instagram app. To change your profile picture:

Go to your profile by tapping on the person tab at the bottom of your screen.

Tap on your profile picture. If you don’t have a profile picture, tap the blank circle next to your name.

Choose where you want to get your picture:

• Take a Photo
• Choose from Library
• Import from Facebook
• Import from Twitter6-profile image fot Instagram

Simple is best! Use your brand’s logo or graphic symbol.

Your image will be cropped into a circle and appear as a very small 150 x 140 pixel image on most phones.

Navigating the App

Instagram is simple to navigate. The app is set up with five buttons, across the bottom of your screen – the home tab, search tab, camera button, activity tab, and your profile tab.

Each button serves a different purpose.

The home page is where you see your own posts as well as the “stream” or most recent posts from people that you follow.

The Search tab lets you find interesting content and new users to follow. A t the top of the

Search page is a search bar. Here you can type in keywords and then tap Users to see those who have that keyword in their name or tap on the Hashtags to see what includes that keyword in the hashtag.7-search with Instagram

The camera button is where you create new posts. It also where you edit and add filters to your images. We’ll go into this further later on.

The activity page gives you two different streams of content. There are two tabs on this page: Following and You. The default page is the You page. It shows your most recent notifications, such as when a user comments on your photos, mentions you, or likes your photos.

The Following tab shows the recent activity of users you are following.8-follow in Instagram

The Profile tab is where you see all your posts and where you can edit and update your settings. Under this tab are four buttons. The default view shows you your photos and videos as a collage. The next button allows you to view posts as a stream. The third button gives you access to your photomap for geotagging in your posts. The final button shows the photos you’ve been tagged in.

That’s it. You’re ready to begin using Instagram for your business. Get familiar with how the site works by reading up on anything you aren’t familiar with and then practicing. When you’re ready, we’ll begin adding content in the form of video and photographs.

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