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Instagram Guide For Business 3

Your Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business

Take the Guesswork Out of Creating Visual Content with Instagram

Instagram is a visual platform so you have only two options when creating content: photos and videos. You might not think you are very good at photography or taking videos but with

Instagram taking pictures and editing them is extremely easy. This makes it extremely popular for those wanting to take professional quality pictures when they feel adept at design.

In this module, you’ll see how you can take and post a photo or video and how you can use Instagram’s filters for editing it.

Let’s get started. To post a new photo, tap the camera button on the Instagram app screen. To take a photo, tap on the big blue circle. You can adjust to camera to face you as well as add the flash. This is where you can also record the video.9-photos on instagram

You can also upload photos from your phone or tablet’s library by tapping the page (iOS) tab or keypad (android) tab and selecting the photo you want to share.

Once you take your photo or video you’re taken to the editing section. Here you will see the filters you can use as well as feature called Lux and the Tools button.

You can edit your image or video by applying filters by tapping on the filter button. Then tap on the image filter you want to apply. There are 24 filters from which to choose. They range from coloring to softness of the image. If you tap the name of the filter again, a slider opens. This lets you adjust the strength of the filter. When you’re finished, tap the arrow to save.10-filters on instagram

The Lux feature adjusts things like exposure and sharpness of the image. To do this, slide the bar back and forth to find the best look for your image. Tap the check mark when you’re done adjusting.

The Tools feature gives you several options. Here you can use the editing tools make your images more professional looking and appealing.

• Straighten to adjust the tilt and rotation of your photo.
• Brightness adjusts the light of the image.
• Contrast adjusts the light and dark values.
• Warmth adjusts the tone of the image from cool or blue tones to red or brown tones.
• Saturation adjusts the intensity of all of the colors in the image.
• Highlight adjusts the amount of the lightest areas.
• Shadows increase or decreases the shadows in the image.
• Vignette darkens the edges of the photo.
• Tilt Shift blurs the outside edges of your image.
• Sharpen focuses the image.

To record a video, tap the recorder tab once. To begin recording, tap and hold the red record button. Tap the arrow to continue to the editing features.

The options for editing videos are similar. You can add filters, adjust the screen size, and choose a cover frame for the video.

Once you are happy with the way your video or image looks, click “Next”. On this screen, you can write a caption, add the post to your photomap, or choose to share it on another social network (Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, and Foursquare). You also have the option to post the image or send it as a direct message. Click Share when you’ve completed this step.11-share with instagram

Wait. You forgot to add a hashtag or tag someone. Don’t worry. You can go to the image on your Profile page or the Home page and tap the ellipses button. Select Edit to update the image.

All of the steps and options might seem overwhelming at first but using Instagram’s tools and filters for adding photos and video content is simple and fun even if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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