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Instagram Guide For Business 6

Your Beginner’s Guide to Instagram for Business

The No-Nonsense Approach to Finding and Converting Customers on Instagram

No doubt, about it, Instagram is a fast-growing resource for businesses to grow their business. You’ve already gotten some ideas for what kinds of content to share on Instagram and how you can leverage it for your marketing. Now it’s time to build the following to make it all happen. In this module, you get ideas on how to get new followers.

• Connect with your followers on other social media sites. Interact with them on Facebook and Twitter. Learn about them through their profiles. Keep in touch with them on other social media sites.
• Interact with other Instagram users. Tag other users in your photos or send them private messages. Tag them before you post an image or a video. Tap the Tag People option before sharing it. Then, tap in the photo where you want to add a tag. Type in the person’s name and add the name to create a tag. Once you share the photo, other users can tap the photo to see who’s been tagged.15-tag on instgram

• Make use of the hashtag, location, and Photos of You tabs to find other people who have liked, added, or shared similar images as well as your own images. Interact with these new people by liking and commenting on their images. Hashtags help other users find your content on Instagram, which allows up to 30 hashtags in a post or comment. Use fewer hashtags for quality responses.
• Create contests to find potential clients. Contests are very popular among users. To get new followers from your contest, encourage customers to share the content using a specific hashtag for the contest or offer.
• Offer exclusives to get new followers and inspire loyalty. Do this by offering a sneak peek at a new product to your Instagram followers only. Offer discounts only your Instagram followers get.
• Encourage your followers to take action with enticing product images or events. The key is to create images that evoke a strong emotion in your followers. For example if you are in a food industry, take pictures that make viewers hungry and their mouths water. Williams Sonoma does this well with images of food, parties, and decorating using their products.16-be there with instagram

• Let your followers create their own content for you. Create opportunities by running contests or creating collaborative projects where users take pictures using your theme or motif. Starbucks partially built its Instagram followers by asking customers to make and share artwork with Starbuck cups.17-user content on instagram

• Be personable and likeable by creating and showing your company’s face, whether it is your own or that of a spokesperson. The face of your company should be on your profile and in content that you share. Interact with your followers as often as possible.
• Build relationships and a sense of community with your followers. Share content that triggers emotions, asks questions, or addresses a specific problem. People feel more comfortable buying from brands they are a part of and trust.

As you can see, finding and converting followers into customers is a lot like any marketing you do. Build relationships with your group. Take advantage of being a part of influencer’s networks. Share relevant and fun content that readers want to see.

No More Excuses On What to Do Now

Take a deep breath. I know this is a lot to take in.
So far, you have seen how Instagram is perfect for almost every type of business to begin sharing and building relationships with their customers. It’s an easy to use mobile app you can use anywhere you are.

To get the most out of your Instagram account, these tips need to be kept in mind:

• Instagram’s photo tools helps you resize images and add filters to make your images look inviting.

• Your posts should be related to your business or brand when possible. However, occasionally you can include images, which are related to your niche as well as an additional common interest. For example, if you have a catering business and one of your employees was caught in a funny photo while working, share it with a caption that highlights one of your company mottos such as, “The ability to see humor in situations is a big part of celebrating even the smallest, unexpected events.”

• Giveaways and promotions are a great way to drive more people to your profile and get followers.

• Keep in touch with your followers. Reply to users’ comments when they comment on your photos.

• Embed your Instagram posts on your website. This can be done with the desktop Web version of Instagram’s embed code.

• Be sure to share your Instagram posts on Facebook and other social networking platforms. Posting your content on several platforms is a great way to build all your individual social media presence.

So far, you’ve learned how set up your Instagram for business account. You’ve also discovered how to take photos and videos that people will want to share. The next step is to decide how you want to incorporate these strategies in Instagram. Then start practicing the techniques to fine-tune your skills while interacting with your followers.

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