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Social Media Networking For Business

Top Social Media Networking Sites


Here are just some of the many popular social networking sites:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Google+
4. LinkedIn
5. StumbleUpon
6. Flickr
7. YouTube
8. Pinterest

The benefits to using social media networking to promote your business have a wide reach. You’ll not only connect with your audience on a new and more personal level, which is required in today’s competitive market, you’ll also reach a whole new group of people.

Couple that with the fact that social networking is extremely cost effective and your return on investment is like nothing else in your marketing toolbox. Next, we’ll take a look at two of the more powerful social networking tools, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll also take a brief look at LinkedIn.

How to Use Facebook and Twitter

Presently, Twitter and Facebook seem to be the most prosperous social media networking tools businesses can use to promote their business and in this chapter we’ll take a look at these two sites in depth. We’ll also take a quick look at LinkedIn, a social networking site for businesses to connect with each other – great if you’re a service provider or have a need to connect with other business owners.

How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Business

Facebook is a rapidly growing and had over 1 billion users at the end of 2013. This makes it a ripe opportunity to boost your business.

The first step to promote your business with Facebook is to a “Facebook Page” and you can only do this after you have a personal profile. Facebook offers you the ability to separate your personal and professional social networking activities and offers a number of settings, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

The trick here is to get people to “like” your page. If you’re familiar with Twitter, you can employ a strategy of following others to get them to follow you back, but Facebook Pages don’t work in such a reciprocal manner. You can invite your friends to like your Page, tell your mailing list, include “Like Us on Facebook” buttons on your website and even use paid advertising on Facebook.

Other ways to get your page noticed:

• While signed in as your Page, engage other Page owners through their own content. Like, comment and get in on the discussion.
• If you run your business offline, be sure to share your Facebook Page in your store or on printed materials.
• Have a strong theme to your Facebook Page that sets it apart from other Pages…then people will be singing your praises and bringing followers to you.
• Post regularly and gauge what interests your followers. Do they respond more to photos, videos, quotations or is it something else?
• Create a compelling page design with an attention-getting profile picture and cover photo.
• Have fun and be personable. Often, Facebook users want to see the “real” person behind the business, but remember to stay professional.
• Respond to comments and engage your followers in discussions.

Facebook also offers the opportunity to create “Facebook Groups”, which are great for topic discussions with your customers, peers and more.

And remember, you can always find a lot of useful tools and widgets to integrate Facebook into your other marketing. Have a look here for ideas: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/

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