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How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Business

Your first step to use Twitter effectively to promote your business is to register and create an appropriate profile. That will include potentially creating a custom Twitter background and learning about all of the tools, applications and gadgets you can use to optimize Twitter as a marketing tool.

You’ll need to decide whether you want to use your personal name or business name. Many people suggest using your personal name to connect on a more personal level, but the branding that using your company name affords can be attractive as well. Many people have personal and business accounts, and juggling them can be challenging, but it makes it easier to separate your personal and business ventures. Add to that, if you plan to sell your business down the line, having a separate Twitter account that you can pass on is probably a good idea.

Ways to Get Noticed on Twitter

• Follow other likeminded businesses and Twitter users. Engage them in conversations and many will follow back.
• Just like with Facebook, tell your website visitors, newsletter subscribers, customers and more.
• Embark on a targeted Twitter ads campaign to get more follows.
• Use hashtags and get in on popular discussions. A hashtag when one or more words is prefixed with the “#” symbol. This instantly lets Twitter’s search engine deliver any tweet containing that hashtag, if you search for it.
• Use retweets, but add some useful thoughts. Retweeting is the process of rebroadcasting another user’s tweet if it is funny, noteworthy or otherwise interesting to your followers. Instead of just doing a plain old retweet, add your own thoughts or encouragement to the author, so you can make a better connection.
• Design your page with a branded background, profession profile picture and header photo. First impressions are important, so make the best on possible.
• Pay attention to what your followers seem to like. Do they like answering questions, respond to photos, etc?
• Create or join tweet chats. Tweet chats employ the use of hashtags, but are usually during a certain block of time where people get together and discuss a specific topic.
• Be courteous and respond to tweets directed at you. Where possible, thank people for retweeting you.
• Use the Twitter Advanced Search function to find people to follow and people who might follow you. You can also look through the follower lists of people who target the same market as you.6-twitter-advanced social media

Promoting Your Business With LinkedIn

Designed for professionals to network with other7-linkedin is social media professionals, LinkedIn isn’t like other social networking sites. It’s ideal for finding service based companies to work with and if you’re a service company, it’s a great place to be represented. Like many social networking sites, users can invite, create and join groups and search for like minded individuals. However, LinkedIn offers much more.

LinkedIn allows business owners to:

• Receive Recommendations – Other business owners can boost your profile by recommending you and your business.
• Create Groups – Like Facebook, you can create a group for your target audience to join. This gives you the ability to connect with and market directly to them.
• Utilize Applications – LinkedIn offers applications like Blog Link, Polls, and Reading Lists to help you enhance your profile and connect with others.
• Advertise your business on LinkedIn for more awareness, traffic and exposure.

Time to Get Social!

LinkedIn is a fantastic opportunity to build your professional network.

Along with Facebook and Twitter, and any other social networking tools you choose to use, promoting and growing your business just got easier.

That being said, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention a few do’s and don’ts.
ere for ideas: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/

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