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2013 Predictions For Social Media

Social Media Predictions for 2013

Given the strong and clear breakaway trends this past year, it’s not hard to guess where social media is heading over the next one.

Here Are Some Of The Social Media Predictions

Some changes in social media are already in the work, taking much of the guesswork out of predicting which direction we’re all going to be herded.

  1. Analytics for Pinterest Business Pages

At first dead-set against monetization, Pinterest now seems firmly headed in that direction.  Not only has it added Pinterest business accounts/pages, but it also lets you turn Pinterest into your own personal brand or product recommendation service (complete with price tags)…


 …Or into your own Pinterest store through third-party apps or services such as Shopinterest (from the Pintic creators).

 2-shopinterest a social media sithe

But if Pinterest is going to seriously woo marketers and retailers, it will have to come up with native analytics such as Facebook provides through its own Insights.

And we predict these Pinterest native analytics will debut (at least in Beta mode) by the end of 2013’s first quarter.

But until then, there’s always Reachli.

  1. Facebook vs. Pheed – in Stereo

Facebook has only recently introduced real-time music sharing via the “Listen with” feature.  This enables Facebook users to share music from their apps, so both parties can hear the same music simultaneously.

Meanwhile, brand new social media network Pheed – which has been described as a “mashup” between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube – already allows sound clips and sound sharing (including voice notes), although it was only publicly released within the last three months.

Pheed is promising to be another Pinterest-style dark horse if you look at its growth trends so far, so Facebook likely has more sound-related apps or functions in the works for 2013 in order to compete.

Analytics site, Quantcast, shows Pheed with only a mere eighteen thousand monthly visits:  However, look more closely at the demographics and you’ll see that sharp rise occurred only in the first month it was opened for public consumption.  (Before that, it existed only in private Beta form.)


Will Pheed replace Twitter?  Let’s look at its attractions…

  • 420 characters allowed for micro-posts, compared to Twitter’s 140
  • One-click addition of graphics, video or sound clips and live streaming Pheeds for webinars, etc.
  • Able to post separate posts to Facebook or Twitter in widget to the left of Pheed Textarea box
  • Easy to set up subscriptions and create paid Pheeds
  • Able to one-click share any Pheed with Google+, Facebook and Twitter
  • Unlike button

The key is going to be its audience.  Right now, after a startup fueled by rap bands and young celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton, the average age according to Quantcast ranges from 18-34 years old.


(Remember, however, that’s for the first month out in public.)

Alexa.com shows Pheed as over-represented in the 25-34 year old range; and both sites agree that the overwhelming majority of users have “no kids”.


Alexa figures for the last three months show a slight dip in popularity after that strong first month.  Even though Pheed is easy and fun to use, older users may be put off by too much profanity and tasteless images and profile photos bordering on the lewd.  “It’s trashy,” said one 56-year-old, not mincing words. “Trashy and vapid.  Pheed is supposed to have a ratings system, but even if you set yours at G, you still risk seeing those types of Pheeds.”

Will it be competition for Facebook?

Only if the younger demographic has anything to say about it.  Facebook and LinkedIn are still well ahead of the pack.

 3. The Continuing Rise of Mobile Connection

And it doesn’t take a quantum physicist to hypothesize that people will share more than ever over mobile devices, thanks to apps, social networks to suit every taste and an ever-increasing array of mobile devices.

We went as small as we could go with mobile devices:  In 2013, it’s going to be all about tablet-style devices allowing people to take full advantage of graphic content.

When it comes to mobiles and social networking, people like not only the immediacy and interactivity, but instant connection with anyone, anywhere.


Only one trend even hints at contradicting this:  And that’s the preference of mobile reader owners for non-interactive content.  (They really do want to use mobile readers as reading devices.)

It’s not hard to predict, however, that this group will remain a minority of all mobile users who don’t want social media.

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