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Google+ And Videos 2

Using Video on Google+

Step 2. How to link your videos to YouTube

If you’ve already created your video in Google+, link it to YouTube when you share it:8-link-to-youtube on google+

If you prefer to upload your video to YouTube first, you can do so share it the other way round – with Google+.

YouTube is automatically integrated with Google+.

1. Click the YouTube “Upload” button and a window will open to the left. Press the big Up Arrow button, and select your movie file from your PC.9-youtube-upload

2. Type in tags (adding a comma to separate them); choose the best category… and make sure your movie setting is “Public”, in order for it to be linked with Google+.

The “g+” radio button will be checked by default for AutoShare – meaning any video you post on YouTube will automatically be shared on the social networks checked. You can also check the buttons for Facebook and Twitter too… or deselect them all, if you prefer. Sharing your video link on Google+ will place it in your stream. (If it doesn’t, share the link directly in your Google+ feed.)10-public-setting on google+

Your Public videos will still be viewable on YouTube and from within Google+.

3. When your movie has finished uploading, thumbnails from within the movie will appear. Select the one that best represents your movie’s topic, point and atmosphere.11-thumbnail-select


• Copy your new link and make a note of it
• Make sure your Title is strong, intriguing and unique (containing at least one keyword)
• Include a clear or intriguing description with keywords
• Create tags with your keywords
• Choose the best category
• Choose the best thumbnail
• Make sure you have checked the appropriate sharing box(es)
• Make sure settings say “Saved”

You can also check your YouTube videos from within Google+ by clicking on your Profile button; then clicking on your “YouTube” tab in the overhead horizontal menu.

You should see all your Public and Limited Share YouTube videos, viewing your Profile as yourself.12-viewing-youtube-videos

If you change the view from “Yourself” to “Public” (top right corner of your horizontal menu) your Limited Share videos will not be available – you’re now viewing the YouTube section of your Profile exactly as a member of the general public would see this page.13-youtube-public

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