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Business Building Tool With Hangouts

Hangouts _ Tools For Business

Creating Hangouts can provide you with a wonderful toolset to help grow your business and cement its reputation… but don’t just fire one off here and there without a strategy.


1. Why you want to use Hangouts
2. What goals you want to achieve, using Hangouts
3. How they can best help your business grow
4. When you’re going to use them (how often)

Make a plan. Host regular Hangouts: Monthly, weekly – even daily, if video handling is a main component of your business.

8 Benefits of Google Hangouts

Hangouts offer some advantages that written-word content simply cannot equal:

• The sense of immediacy
• The sense that your attention is focused solely on the viewer, for his or her benefit
• Live, face-to-face contact with your business partners, affiliates, members or simply fans
• Versatility in how you use them
• The ability to create a strong, loyal team environment – without even having an office
• Allowing you to showcase your communication skills – invaluable if you are in a business such as coaching or consulting
• Demonstrating your competence and skill – in person
• Increasing your authority, celebrity, recognition and acceptance

There is no substitute for seeing a live face – smiling, talking, animated and interactive.1-hangouts -in action

All these benefits are what you can create by using Google+ Hangouts. To your audience, you will become more than a name and a static photo: You become real.

Viewers can see and experience:

• Your confidence and competence
• Your personality
• Your skills, demonstrated
• Your real-time authority

There’s no question you know what you’re talking about, and that your content wasn’t provided by someone else – you’re providing it, live, now!

They can also hear:

• Your voice
• Your tone
• Your assurance
• Your ease

This can make you an extremely comfortable person to be around: Someone they love to listen to… and look up to.

Ways You Can Put Hangouts to Use

Personality aside, Hangouts can be used in multiple ways to help promote and/or grow your business.

5. Updating a large audience – If you are “just a name”, it is easy for a large audience to see you as remote. When you talk to people regularly and directly on air, numerous studies have proven again and again that popularity and trust increases. (It’s also a great way to do damage control, if you have to.)2-Obama on hangouts

Building a Team – You can coordinate online outsource contractors, actual employees, affiliates and anyone who has to work with you on a specific project or strategy in one spot (your Hangout), at one time (the Hangout date and time). Everyone can bounce ideas off each other, troubleshoot potential or actual problems, agree on actions and strategies – and save time.

You can also demonstrate how to use new systems or software, just for your team members.

How much easier would it be, accomplishing all this within the space of half-an-hour or less, rather than forwarding emails, waiting for feedback, making sure everyone is on the same page and so forth.

6. Demonstrating a Product or Method – Showing people how to use something builds their confidence far quicker than if they were to read written instructions: You see, showing them how to do it also convinces them it can actually be done. And not just done, but done easily!

Even better, if your Hangout is recorded to YouTube, they can access this demonstration again and again, if what was demonstrated is something complex or outside their learning comfort zone.

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