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Creating Hangouts can provide you with a wonderful toolset to help grow your business and cement its reputation… but don’t just fire one off here and there without a strategy.

7. Regular “Round Tables” – This use is perfect for niche groups where there is a strong need to share tips, troubleshoot problems and showcase achievements.3-round-table-2

It also creates a strong sense of community among this group. And not just among the participants – also among the YouTube viewing audience also in this niche, who tunes in to be part of the experience (as well as pick up tips).

And note that this type of Hangout may also give you great ideas for new products, manuals, tutorials – as well as future Hangouts.

8. Customer Service – A Google Hangout can be a fantastic Customer Service tool; and it’s one you shouldn’t shy away from.

Consider this scenario: You realize that although your product is easy to use, people are getting hung up on one particular aspect. Create a Hangout showing exactly how you solve that problem for a particular customer (either a real one, with permission, or a staff member, standing in) – and instantly provide a training tool people can search and find online, as well as on your website among your Resources.

This will prevent further calls on that issue: And if your Customer Service representative does get further calls, she can quickly send or share the Hangout URL and be off the phone or Chat Line in seconds.

9. Your Online FAQ section – Create a series of Hangouts to provide your clients or customers with every FAQ they need to know (including those common ones you formerly got asked on a regular basis).

10. Online Classes – Hold a class online, teaching actual students a specific skill. Again, they’ll have something to refer back to, if they grow hazy on any details.

11. Showcasing Your Skills – Is your business based on kinesthetic or visual skills such as quilting, drawing, woodworking? If so, Hangouts are a perfect way for you to showcase your skill and build authority as a top niche leader – all while providing instruction and enlightenment.

You can also showcase intangible skills such as counseling or coaching. Invite participants to sample your skills firsthand, online, during a Hangout. This will leave you with a wonderful demo you can promote on your site or in social media.

12. Promote your Videos — Yes. Make a video about your video by hosting a Hangout to promote it.

13. Create a Hangout about Using Hangouts – This is one of the best ways to get your specific audience comfortable in both using – and viewing – Hangouts.4-how-to-hangout

People need to know what something is all about before they will start engaging with it!

14. Create a Video Showing People How They Can Start a Hangout About Your Video – Many of your fans and followers don’t know about this option.

And if you don’t know how to do it either, we’ll talk about it in greater depth in our next section…

Using YouTube Tools for Business-Building Hangout Promotion

One way to boost your business is by being aware of – and using – the tools YouTube has put at your disposal.

1. Use the “Share” options underneath your Hangout to share it, during or afterwards.

a. Click the “Share” anchor text5-share

b. Select the social network(s) you wish to share with.6-social-networks

c. Do remember you can also expand the networks selection by clicking on the little arrow to share your YouTube Hangout with more social networks7-social-networks-expanded

d. Ask others to share your YouTube Hangout – and let them know about this expanded share option too.

(Open your YouTube hangout in another browser screen to share, with the sound muted to avoid the dreaded “echo” syndrome.)

2. Embed your Hangout video recording into your website or blog. Again, clicking the YouTube “Share” anchor text will instantly provide you with the embed URL.8-embed-code

3. Check your Statistics. Checking out Google+ Social Statistics may be a waste of time for you, if you are not Britney Spears with a huge following, but there are other options for tracking Hangout stats.

On YouTube, open to your Video Manager by (a) clicking on your Profile photo and (b) selecting “Video Manager” from the drop-down menu that will open up on the left side.
Then simply click the Statistics icon…9-youtube-statistics

You can also check out stats for your own – and your competitors’ – recorded Hangouts by clicking on the Statistics icon underneath any posted YouTube Hangouts recording.10-stats

4. Show People How to Create a Hangout about Your Hangout. An often-neglected part of business building lies in educating your audience how to help you build it. Share on your blog (and right within your Hangout itself) how to create a Hangout about your Hangout recording.

To do this, tell people to simply press the “Share” button and select “Hangout”.11-start-a-hangout

Don’t neglect either sharing or statistics options as Hangout tools to help build your business.

And especially if your audience consists of visual or kinesthetic learners (those who need to learn by seeing or doing), using Hangouts is one strategy you shouldn’t ignore!

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