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Getting People To Your Hangout

How To Get People To Your Hangout

While it’s true that currently you can only invite ten people to participate in your actual Hangout, using Hangouts on Air and streaming it, live, via Google+ and YouTube means that unlimited numbers of people can sit in and watch your Hangout unfold.

But first, you have to let them know about it. Here are some top tips for getting the biggest audience to choose your Hangout over everybody else’s.

Make Sure You Have Hangout Experience under Your Belt

1-panicBefore you go for the big audiences and scramble to get them watching your Live Stream, do run one or two smaller, unpublicized Hangouts on Air to iron out any bugs that may exist.

You don’t want to get on air and have your Hangout derailed because your microphone doesn’t work and you are scrambling – live – to troubleshoot the problem.

And if you are planning to invite telephone participants, make sure you include them in a dress rehearsal (i.e. small, private Hangout) so you are not scrambling with the phone invitation process.

Also be aware that while calls within the U. S. and Canada are free, you will need to add phone credits for other countries; and that you can invite only one phone participant.

More tips to make sure your Hangout quality tops the charts:

1. Get comfortable with all aspects of the process. There is nothing like running a couple of Hangouts to acquaint you with all those things you “should have done” first (as well as give you better ideas on how to perform other tasks).
2. For top streaming quality, upload speed and security, do host your Live Stream Hangout over a wired connection if you can, rather than wireless. If possible, invite participants with wired lines too – one wireless connection can slow you down.
3. Make sure you have verified your YouTube account before you attempt to Live Stream a Hangout on Air!
4. Use the best quality equipment you can. If you want to promote a commercial-quality Hangout, use commercial quality equipment – not your built-in web cam and microphone.

Use Google Events to Promote Your Hangout

How do people attract a massive audience? One strategy you’ll find top-featured Hangout producers using is promotion through Google Events.

When you create an Event for your Hangout, people can schedule if into their Google Calendars.

You can also create an Event by SMS (Gvent). Creating an Event through Google+ is easy. Just click on the “Events” button in your left-hand, vertical menu.2-events

A pop-up window will open. Just fill in your Event details.3-name-event

It’s important, however, to avoid one common mistake most people make: Do not choose “Hangout” as your Event Type if you want to stream it live and have it recorded on YouTube.

1. Instead, open up your Event Options tab, and select “Advanced”4-advanced.

2. Select “Make this an event on air”. (Do NOT select “Google+ Hangout” if you want to broadcast your event.)5-event-on-air

Whatever, you do, don’t select “Public” – or you may end up without a single guest you’ve invited and (strange as it may sound) find yourself host to a party full of people who couldn’t care less about your topic – or who are at the wrong level (e.g. total newbies unable to contribute to the discussion).

When you make it an “Event on air”, you close it to people who aren’t on your guest list – even though they can all view it, Live, as your live-streamed Hangout is unfolding.

You can find out more details about “Events on Air”, such as those shown in the screenshot below, at Google Support.6-events-on-air-quote

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