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Why You Should Use Facebook For Business 2

10 Reasons To Use Facebook For Business

Both Facebook and Mashable put monthly Facebook visitors at 1 billion, from December 2012 to February 2013.

Visitors spend an average of 28.8 minutes per day within Facebook’s portals, hanging out with friends and acquaintances, and looking for entertainment or news. Its daily reach is an enormous 43%, with use and popularity still on the rise.

5. Facebook Pages are versatile.

You can do all sorts of things to help enhance your business branding. You can customize the Cover background, insert your Profile Photo, write a powerful “About Me” blurb. (That’s just for starters.)

Facebook Pages integrate with other social networks, via apps. You can add Facebook apps – and then make those apps appear as a menu choice by creating custom 111 pixel X 74 pixel tabs for your apps.

For example, here’s an easy way to install the Pinterest tab on your Facebook Page – just visit Woobox and click on the “Install Pinterest Tab” button.6-woobox-pinterest-tab

This is what a Facebook App Tab looks like7-custom-app-tabs

From your Facebook Page, you can also:

• Run contests
• Feature quizzes, surveys and polls
• Feature your website URL in your “About Me” section
• Gather “Likes”
• Claim and operate under your vanity URL, making it easy for your Page – and business – to show up in Facebook search results
• Install custom app covers to your tabs, showing anything you like
• Run sponsored posts
• Watch people share your posts (and sponsored posts) – unsolicited!8-share-sponsored

And that’s just a taste of Facebook Page power!
If you’d like to create a Facebook Page for your business, start with Facebook’s Build Your Page section.9-build-a-page

6. Facebook is mobile-friendly.

There are Facebook apps galore, allowing people to access Facebook and interact in a variety of ways. Of Facebook’s 1 billion monthly users, it is estimate that 680 million are accessing it from mobiles.

The ability to do so strengthens the Facebook habit, increasing both user dependency and engagement – as well as your reach.

Install the Facebook app on your mobile.10-mobile-install

7. Facebook has valuable analytics.

You can track your fan interaction and your Facebook Page popularity with Facebook Insights, its easy-to-grasp analytics suite (available after your Page has gained 50 “Likes”).11-facebook-insights

Facebook is also introducing Graph Search (currently in beta), which experts have predicted will cement Facebook as the king of all social networks – and increase user enjoyment by enhancing relevance.

Visit the Graph Search page and get on the waiting list while you still can.

8. Facebook allows Follows.

One feature that many people don’t seem to know about is Facebook’s “Follow” system. For one thing, it has to be enabled. You need to turn “Follow” on.

If you do, anyone can follow you – but they will see only posts you designate as “Public”. You can turn on Follow right from the Facebook About section.12-fb-follow

And – as with any Facebook app – you can customize its privacy settings.
“Follow” is meant for people you don’t know. To post a public update, set the individual update to “Public”.

You can choose to follow industry leaders who wouldn’t normally connect if sent a “Friend” request. Following experts and seeing their up-to-the-minute posts can really give a leading-edge, bird’s eye view of what’s coming in the industry.

[tip]TIP: Be sure to turn your post setting back to “Friends” again on your next post – Facebook keeps the last setting you specified as your default setting.[/tip]

9. Facebook allows Interest Lists.

One criticism that has been leveled against Facebook is that its Edgerank algorithm suppresses posts users might want to see in favor of ones Facebook deems more important – such as sponsored posts. Teach your subscribers, friends and followers how to use Interest Lists to get around this.

Creating an Interest list means that users can override Facebook and decide exactly who they want to see in their feeds. They can create your own personal “dance mix” (only with Facebook users, instead of bands and tunes).13-dance-mix

Not only can users select from “Friends”, “Pages”, and who they are currently Following; they can select from categories too.

Creating an Interest list is easy, so teach your fans how to do so. Sure, there’s a risk you might not end up on their Interest List – but chances are, if they’re already seeing some of your posts, you’ll go to the top of the List… and earn their gratitude when they see how ridiculously easy it is to choose whose posts they most want to see.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to the left-hand menu and find “Interests”.

2. Click “+Add Interests…” at the bottom of your lists.14-add-list

3. Ignore all the suggestions in the page that opens up and click on “+Create List”.15-create-list

4. Name it – and add all your friends and interests by going through each category and simply clicking on their icons.

10. Powerful Advertising Opportunities

Facebook’s versatility in advertising can really help your business shine here – particularly if you want to make people aware of your new Page. The Facebook ad type you want to choose and use is the Marketplace ad specifically to get “Likes” for your Facebook Page.16-like-ad

So that’s it: Ten top ways you can use Facebook for business.
But don’t think of this as the whole array of Facebook business possibilities – think of it as a solid place to start.

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