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Why Use Twitter For Business

10 Reasons To Use Twitter For Business

If you’re like most marketers, you’ve been using Twitter for a long time now… Perhaps even stopped using it.

Tweets go by so quickly. Auto-tweets have removed the novelty from Twitter, drowning users in a sea of impersonal, shallow tweets. You’re only allowed 140 characters to say what you want to say (around 90, if you want people to recommend when they Retweet). And everyone seems to say the same thing; mostly endless links to blog posts nobody reads.

Fortunately, a small percentage of the Twitterverse knows exactly how to leverage Twitter. If you run a B2B-type business, many of these may make up a large percentage of your potential client base.

The rest make up a strong networking community, whether or not your business is retail or service-based. So learn to use Twitter like the crème de la crème, and you’ll soon discover these top ten tips really do work.

1. Harness The Power of Hashtags

One of Twitter’s most popular features has been the invention of hashtags. Well, Twitter didn’t exactly invent them – they were inherited from old-style IRC chat – but Twitter certainly has popularized them and used them most successfully.

A hashtag is born when one or more words is prefixed with the “#” symbol. This instantly lets Twitter’s search engine deliver any tweet containing that hashtag, if you search for it. It’s an easy way to filter out search results you don’t want and zero in on search results you do.1-hashtag

In the above tweet, we see the results of a Starbucks campaign. They created the hashtag, “#MyMacchiato” and people are now happily sharing what they think of this hazelnut hottie – and inadvertently both recommending and promoting it.

Moral: Create a great and catchy hashtag, and you can drive viral, targeted traffic to your products, website, blog, posts, articles, other social posts – and tweets.

2. Take Advantage of Prime Tweet Times

What’s the one big mistake traditional businesses make, when using Twitter?

Their hours are 9-5… so they tweet 9-5.

Twitter engagement has been proven to increase as much as 20% on weekends, according to pamorama.net. That’s when you can gain an edge over competitors who operate more formally – and engage your target audience in real-time.

And you can make up for the time spent tweeting on weekends by doing something else, Wednesdays and Thursdays. According to social media experts, that’s when tweets are at their lowest.2-prime-tweet-times

The more formal businesses did get one thing partially right, however: Engagement is usually higher any day between 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. (Do take into account time zones, however.)

3. Create – or Join – Tweet Chats for Focused Networking or Mentoring

Another older Twitter phenomenon that has morphed itself into an established and popular Twitter feature is the Tweet Chat, or “Twitter party”. To create a Tweet Chat, invite people to join you on Twitter at a specific time (use a hashtag dedicated to your Twitter Party).3-tweetchat

Ask them to share it, if it’s not a closed chat, by retweeting your hashtag and message containing the date, topic and time.

When the time arrives on that date, everyone starts tweeting each other (using the hashtag). The fact that you’re all guaranteed-online together means it can be exactly like a real conversation, with tweets flying back and forth.

Many a strong business-client, business-peer or business-customer relationship has started out at a Twitter party. The psychology: It allows people to instantly belong to an elite group of like-minded thinkers.

And you can actually participate in chat “rooms”, via social media managers such as HootSuite or via sites like Hashtags.org – who can speedily catch you up to speed on how to run a successful Tweet Chat.

4. Use Twitter to Reinforce Your Business Branding

The fact that your Profile photo appears next to each tweet you make can really help brand your business, if you follow these two best practices:

1. Use your logo instead of your photo, if you are tweeting as, or solely for, your business
2. Tweet regularly and consistently

You want to send out business tweets at least five days out of seven; preferably when you know your target audience is most often online.

Tweet regular features too: For example, The New Yorker always lets people know when a new political cartoon appears.4-new-yorker-branding

Regularity is the key, just as much as consistency. (“Consistency” refers to the type and tone of your tweet: “Regularity” refers to exactly how often they occur.)

5. People Will Press Your Twitter Button Even if They Won’t Sign Up

Cross-promoting over multiple social networks can really strengthen or reinforce your online presence. And Twitter makes it easier than most other networks to https://add Twitter buttons to your site.5-twitter-buttons

But it doesn’t just make it easy for you, however: It makes it easy for people to press the button with the cute little birdie icon (hey, don’t underestimate its psychological appeal!)

And when they do that, they share your content.

Just with this one little button, you can command people to:

• “Tweet” your post
• Follow you on Twitter
• Tweet a specific hashtag you’d like to promote

Remember to take this small but vital step – and watch your Twitter followers list start to grow.

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