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Reastons To Use Pinterest For Business 2

10 Reasons To Use Pinterest For Business

If your audience is predominantly female and anywhere from twenty-five to fifty-five, Pinterest ought to be one of your foremost social networking strategies.

And if you don’t believe this, just take a look at your Facebook feed – and count all the Pinterest and photo shares.

6. Endows the Ability to Pin Related Content from Other Pinners to Your Board

Your posts and graphics stand by themselves on Facebook – but on Pinterest you can use other peoples’ pins to stand with and add value to your own in a highly focused, controlled package.

So how do you choose other peoples’ pins that add value, but don’t diminish yours, or send people off to the competition?

9-feast pinned on pinterestThink of it as adding new dishes to a dinner. You may make the best Roast Chicken in the world, but on its own, it’s just meat.

Surrounded by appetizers, go-withs, fruit, salad, sweet potato and a complementing dessert, your humble roast chicken becomes the entrée for a banquet.

And if the dessert does send people off to the competition, the competition is going to be grateful – and most likely do some reciprocal pinning from your content… since your Pinboard and its pins are equally relevant to their own Pinboards and pins.

In other words, it’s a win-win situation all round – for you, your fellow pinners and your audience.

7. You Can Present and Share Video on Pinterest

And you can present your videos the way you like them ordered – not the way YouTube decides. It is mystifying that, in spite of the fact Pinterest allows videos to be pinned from both YouTube and Vimeo (YouTube’s biggest rival), many businesses are simply not using this powerful feature. Yet the ability to share videos on Pinterest extends you many creative uses besides mere entertainment – and you also have the ability to present them in a neat, highly-organized, visual package.10-videos on pinterest

For example, you can not only drive people to your YouTube videos straight from Pinterest, you can also:

• Provide a visual, instant list of videos available to members of your membership site, if you have one – in graphic form
• Provide a visual, instant list of videos available to employees or fans
• Provide a visual, instant list of videos all on one topic

In other words, your carefully-constructed Series won’t be broken up, the way series often are in YouTube – no matterhow specifically people search.

When you create your board, be sure to add the word “video”, “videos” or “video series” to your Description, along with your name and other keywords.

8. You Can Create Highly Targeted Marketing Opportunities

The old “it’s all about them” rule still applies, even though you are expressing yourself artistically, visually and, above all, creatively. Gear your boards to your target audience on Pinterest, and you can create highly targeted marketing opportunities while making strong statements in your authentic voice.

Pin the photos you know your potential clients or customers would most like to see. Use keywords they would use, when searching for Pins like yours.

But make sure you create a strong theme for each board, so that once they arrive, they find a multitude of photos (or other media) to select for pinning. Let your boards speak about you as a person. Let them speak about your business, and what it is all about – its mission and core values.11-food-art-board on pinterest

And whatever you do, never, ever, just randomly go Pin-happy; or pin other Pinners’ photos solely because you feel obliged to reciprocate.

After all, you want your boards to stand out!

9. Pinterest Offers the Opportunity to Sell

If you have crafts or physical goods for sale, Pinterest allows you to create a pin-to-pin “shop” for them via third-party e-commerce sites such as Sellpin.12-sellpin

Since Sellpin in particular works similarly to Etsy.com, this can be an exciting opportunity for crafters – or anyone who creates unique products that display well visually.

10. Offers the Ability to Get Your Content Shared by Bloggers

This strategy may or may not be a good one for your business if your business is graphics based – but do consider it.

Make sure your website and Pinboards contain great material that bloggers can use. And if you really want them to turn to your website and Pinboards first before they visit other photo sources, include any licensing information you want to share on your site or Pinboard description.

This doesn’t have to be formal: It could just be a note that states “Feel free to pin any of these original photos in my posts. Even though I do not release them into the Public Domain, I’m happy to share via Pinterest”.

One reason to share we haven’t really mentioned yet: Your website or Pinboard URL will appear with each Pin they make (unless they actively change your link – and most people know not to). This can create powerful backlinks for your business website.13-include-url

But whatever way you choose to use Pinterest, and no matter who your audience is, these top ten reasons to use it are just the place you should start.

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