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Why You Should Use Google+ For Business

Reasons to Use Google+ for Business

You can’t afford to put Google+ on the back burner. Here are ten top reasons why…

1. Search engine benefits.

Creating content in Google+ is like owning the top party company on your birthday. You are automatically and instantly given advantages you won’t get from any other social network.

Such as content being indexed and shared the moment you’ve posted it. And all your Google presences and haunts being integrated and weighted together in SEO – a combination guaranteed to boost your Google search results.1-mupso-share

Your integrated content includes:

• Google+
• YouTube
• Gmail

It also includes Google+ platforms like:

• Circles
• Hangouts
• Google+ Local

2. Google Hangouts allows real-time virtual meetings.

4-hangout-in-actionGoogle Hangouts are free video chats that allow you to interact with members of your Circle via webcam, using live streaming technology.

You can stream your Hangout to your website, YouTube or Google+.
Participants faces will be displayed via their webcams below the presenter’s main screen – and participants can “take the floor” also.

You can:

• Hold a workshop
• Give presentations
• Conduct a team meeting
• Chair a focused discussion of an industry issue
• Brainstorm with clients
• Screen-share with participants
• Share documents and YouTube videos
• Add Google Effects3-google-hangouts-effects

And best of all – your session is automatically recorded and posted to YouTube.

3. Google Business Photos allows 360° virtual tours of business interiors.

Google Maps already provides exterior shots of many local businesses, recently Google launched Google Business Photos which can be viewed through Google+ Local.

Canada Newswire reported: “Specially trained ‘Google Trusted Photographers’ provide 360-degree interactive panoramas of the interiors of businesses. The panoramas are seen on Google Maps and Google Places…Potential customers get a virtual tour of the business, so that they can imagine themselves being [there].”5-google-business-photo-interior

In fact, they can literally look around (stopping the tour, which pans automatically, whenever they want to examine something in detail. And then step right out the door to see what the neighborhood is like.

This can be a huge advantage, if people are undecided whether or not to visit in person after reading similar reviews or features for your competitors.

4. Google Maps allows virtual exterior tours of bricks-and-mortar buildings.

6-google-business-photosIf your business is small-town or rural, you most likely won’t be able to take advantage of Google Business Photos, since it is currently available only in large cities.

However, Google Maps integrated with Google+ Local provides a wonderful alternative.

Clicking on your Google+ Local map will allow you a 360° exterior view in many small towns and outlying areas.

The camera doesn’t auto-pan, but you can click on any spot and zoom.
And even an exterior view alone can help bring people through your doors.

5. Google+ has 400 million users – over 100 million of them active.

And that number is steadily growing as people realize how well Google+ has got its act together, after a shaky start.

One reason is Google’s integrated # 1 position in many stat site rankings – and, of course, its own search results.7-google-alexa-rank

And because it did have a shaky start, now is the time to join Google+ and take advantage of its many features, establishing your position through Circles,

Hangouts and more.

Active and regular users should never be underestimated as your most precious resource.

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