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Increasing your Twitter Followers 2

How to Grow your Following on Twitter

The number one rule of growing your following on Twitter – one that nobody seems to talk about – is this: If you want quality followers, follow quality people. And don’t just follow…Interact.

Step 2. Top Ten ElevenTwitter Mistakes

Before we look at ways to grow your following, it’s important to know what mistakes to avoid. The reason?
Most people make them. It’s as simple as that, so let’s start with the biggie that we’ve just discussed…

1. Not acknowledging mentions, replies, tweets addressed directly to you or retweets. (It’s called “self-absorbed tweeting” when you consistently never respond.)
2. Posting too many tweets in one day (or even in one hour) so that you jam up your followers’ feeds.5-what-no-one-wants-to-see on twitter

3. Making inconsistent appearances – People soon give up on tweeters who are there one day and absent for several weeks.
4. Going dormant. When you disappear off the Twitter grid, people simply forget you.
5. Not realizing that a portion of your audience most likely prefers Twitter to the point of not using other social networks (especially if they are mobile addicts)6-mobile-addicts on twitter

6. Retweeting the first vaguely acceptable tweet or link you come across, usually just for the sake of posting something
7. Auto-posting 100% of the time via a social media manager or app
8. Not remaining on Twitter for at least ten minutes after you post something, retweet or reply to something7-shut

9. Not varying your tweet types or media. For example, always posting links to blog posts. Never posting photographs or infographics
10. Not leaving room in your tweets for retweets and comments
11. Not making your posts interactive enough. (That includes using calls-to-action.)

In order to capture a follower’s attention and make them want to respond (or at least check out your profile), it has to trigger that follower to respond.

In the next step, we’ll talk about effective ways to motivate them in engaging.

Step 3. Top Ten Twitter Tactics for Making Friends

8-engageAs a famous starship captain once said: “Engage!” That’s a word that’s become somewhat overused in the last couple of years, but it doesn’t make the principle any less true.

We’ve spoken about the importance of taking part in the conversation and being present on a consistent basis in the Twitter stream: Now let’s look at some specific techniques to increase follows.

1. Vary your tweet media, types and content. Your Twitter feed will feel more natural if you mix photos with the odd blog post link with the odd question or offer.
2. Decide in advance what response you want from viewers. Then actively invite it.
3. Ask irresistible questions.
4. Always answer questions. This is one of the most effective steps you can take – and it really will set you apart from the Twitter horde.
5. Share information your followers will find priceless generously.
And do it for free.
6. Make it social and friendly.9-balloons

7. Never swear or use coarse language. That includes giving yourself permission to have a day “off” from always being polite – after all, the person saying “#$(%*” is you, right?
8. Use events to generate extra interest in your Twitter profile even while you are using Twitter to generate extra interest in your event. (But remember to seamlessly keep up the connection after the event is over!)
9. Use tools like Social Oomph to track keywords, create an extended Twitter profile, create a personal Tweet stream in either RSS, XML or JavaScript format, and more10-social-oomph

10. Be positive. Negativity leads to self-absorption (or vice-versa). Either way, negativity kills engagement and triggers Unfollows.

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