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How to Grow your Following on Twitter

The number one rule of growing your following on Twitter – one that nobody seems to talk about – is this: If you want quality followers, follow quality people. And don’t just follow…Interact.

Step 4. Spread the Word

Here’s another point that’s frequently missed: Who do you want to spread the word to? Potential customers or clients, right?

If that’s your objective, make sure you follow:

  • Potential customers and clients
  • Positive, enthusiastic competitors (they will share your tweets, if you share theirs)
  • Focused, relevant peers
  • Industry or niche experts
  • Fun, fascinating people
  • Accredited authority sources

11-megaphone user on twitterThe old maxim is true: Like attracts like.

Once you have everyone in the same room, actively encourage them to spread the word about you to their friends, clients, customers and peers.


Do this by:

  • Being irresistibly re-tweetable.      

If it’s a tip you’re sharing, make sure it’s one they won’t be able to resist passing on (and gaining glory for sharing)

  • Make your followers look like heroes.

Recognize and applaud their accomplishments. Give them credit, when credit is due. Thank them for tips or services. Recommend them (and say why) on #FF (“Follow Friday” – a Twitter tradition of giving shout-outs about your favorite Twitter people, to help each other grow traffic12-follow-friday on twitter).

  • Write for the press.

News media people are more active on Twitter than you might think. (Just look at some of your own radio or TV news channels and take note of how often they lift news from Twitter accounts).

13-newsworthySo at least once in every six tweets, sit down and ask yourself the same question you ask whenever you write a press release: “Is it newsworthy?”

No, you may not get your profile promoted on the national news: But you could get your tweet shared on an authority blog or online magazine.

  • Integrate and share your content.

Another way to attract followers and spread the word: Ensure they see your Twitter tweets (and know you’re available to follow) by integrating your twitter badges, icons, buttons and widgets on other site profiles and especially on your blog or website itself.

  • Use graphic media to increase shares

Twitter has noted the advantage Pinterest and Facebook provided with their graphics-sharing capabilities, and has gone out of its way to ensure that Twitter users can now easily share graphics and even video too.14-using-graphics on twitter

Graphics catch attention and create more engagement, so make sure you include a healthy dose of graphic media in your Twitter feed.

  • Find more followers using apps and online tools

Using tools like Twtrland and ManageFlitter can streamline and fast-track finding targeted peopled to follow – and potential followers.15-manage-flitter

Don’t rush finding more followers. And above all, don’t blindly follow or encourage spammers. Twitter is not about the numbers, and the only people who really care about how many followers you actually have are statisticians and spammers.

Go for quality, post quality tweets, share and use tools wisely – and your following will grow at a healthy pace.

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