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How To Automate Twitter

Twitter Automation

1-social-arenaSocial network automation should never be a substitute for interaction and engagement – but, that being said, used wisely for specific purposes, it can really help you make the most of the social arena.

Social networks are vast online places that can easily take up far too much time for little results – but Twitter in particular has inspired a surfeit of automation apps and sites. This guide will help you quickly decided which ones could work the best for your specific Twitter goals, objectives and needs. It will also help you decide why and when to automate.

Step 1. Track Your Tweets

When articles talk about tracking, do you immediately think of dry statistics and complex formulae?

Twitter apps and sites provide you with all of the above – and way more. You can use these tracking sites to help you increase engagement, find followers, double-check your tweet efficiency and analyze your followers’ sharing habits. And best of all, they automate the stats-gathering process for you, making stats access easy or even instantaneous.

Here are six of the most popular…

  1. TweetReach– Nothing could be simpler than going to TweetReach’s home page and typing in yours or another’s @Username to see how far your individual reaches extend; who has shared your tweets; how many replies you’ve received – and more.2-tweet-reach

(Just make sure you’re logged into Twitter first.)

  1. Twitter Counter– If you want a straightforward tool that can measure your growth and compare it with that of your followers, this native Twitter analytics tool will do the trick. (You have to pay for extra information but its basic tools, such this simple comparisons with your competitors, can provide you with great benchmarks and realistic objectives and goals.)3-twitter-counter
  2. Social Bro – Free tool whose basic upgrade starts at only $6.95 per month. Allows you to identify and explore benchmark tweets, create “Insights” such as time zone information, get “accurate information” about your Twitter community, perform enhanced searches, acquire stats on your followers’ followers, identify criteria like influencers and the best time to tweet – and discover targeted Twitter users.4-social-bro
  3. Twitonomy – Remember that scene in “Crocodile Dundee”, where hero Mick says: “That’s not a knife. Now THIS is a knife?” Well, you could easily paraphrase that for Twitonomy, which serves up heavy-duty, no-nonsense stats, not prettied up but full of meat and gristle.

How about this impressive array of Twitonomy features:5-twitonomy-stats

Twitonomy is free to sign up for with your Twitter account, but you can get even-more-heavy-duty, detailed stats with a paid upgrade.

  1. Klout – This powerful app does double-duty for either Facebook or Twitter, and has become the industry standard for measuring one’s influence.6-klout

If you have just created your Twitter account, it won’t be of much use yet, but the moment you start racking up followers, its worth investigating.

If you allow Klout access to your Twitter account, it will be able to:

  • Read your Timeline tweets
  • Check who you are following

It will not be able to follow anyone you are following, change your profile, tweet for you or see your direct messages and, of course, it will not be able to view your password.

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