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Case Studies Of Facebook Ads

Facebook Case Studies: 21 Ads to Boost your Results

When it comes to advertising, no one does it like Facebook. When the company first started selling ads in 2012, no one could have predicted where it would go or if it would even get off the ground. Now, against all predictions, Zuckerberg and Facebook have made it to the top again and again by seemingly going against the grain of other advertising trends. If you want to see the best results possible from your advertising dollars, this might be just the train you want to catch.


Harnessing the Power of the Facebook Ad

Facebook is not what it used to be – kind of. It is still the premier place to connect with friends, family and business. In this way it hasn’t changed except to make it easier for people to connect via desktop, tablet and mobile device. To date, 84% of Facebook viewers are visiting from mobile devices which equates to about 1.19 billion people. These days, they are easier to acquire than finding a desktop in many countries. Some 890 million people are logging into Facebook every day. This is an opportunity.

What has changed is how social marketers can get face-to-face with these users for maximum impact. Content is still king and relevant content will always interest your existing followers, subscribers and customers. But, it is not enough in this new arena. Ads are where it’s at and Facebook is demanding that you put your best foot forward in this regard.Ace-Hardware facebook ad

A well-crafted Facebook ad can be a goldmine. It takes some tools (provided by the good guys at FB), ingenuity, savvy and great images. If you’ve ever created an online ad before, then you are familiar with these skills. Here is what these skills equate to in Facebook advertising terms*:

  • 92% of social marketers are using Facebook for business
  • 30 million businesses have created a Facebook fan page
  • 19 million have optimized their pages for mobile devices, which is a good thing, considering the stats on mobile Facebook users
  • 5 million businesses spend money on mobile advertising
  • 64% of advertising revenue came from viewing ads on other devices
  • In 2014, with 65% fewer ads than the year before, the revenue was higher, registering at $3.85 billion
  • Second quarter of 2015: revenue climbed to $4.04 billion, a 39% increase
  • Facebook is showing fewer ads but advertisers are paying about 335% more per ad, spending about $3.59 billion (53% more than the year before)
  • Total Facebook revenue in 2014: $12.47 billion
  • Mobile ad revenue accounts for 76% of advertising revenue and 72% of total revenue


*Sources: (http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/facebook-advertising-statistics, http://adage.com/article/digital/facebook-s-mobile-revenue-hits-2-5-billion-prices-soar/296869/, http://www.statista.com/chart/2496/facebook-revenue-by-segment/)

What does this mean for you, the online social marketer? Facebook is on to something. If fewer ads are bringing in bigger revenues and more advertising dollars, then the competition is fierce. But, you can compete when you put together the best ads that money can buy.


What makes a great Facebook ad?

Facebook has gotten stricter with their advertising policies, so make sure you review what is and isn’t acceptable for your ads before putting too much brain power into creating them. Then, create your Facebook business fan page. This is of the utmost importance to have a presence. It’s free and a good place to share links to your website. Just like with the ads, choose your cover image and construct each section with your business goals in mind.facebook ads

Now, let’s move on to the particulars of a Facebook ad. These ads are designed to reach your target market in as near a natural fashion as possible. You can reach people based on a number of demographics like: age, gender, location, likes, and interests. It’s all based on your advertising goals. Are you looking to get people to:

  • Visit your website for sales?
  • Talk about your page?
  • Install or use an app?
  • Shop in your physical store?
  • Invite others to events you host?
  • Redeem great offers?
  • Connect with your business?

There are a variety of ad options depending on the objective of the advertising campaign. You can embed videos; use a carousel photo approach with separate links for each image or other options using the Facebook editor. But, no matter what the approach all great Facebook ads have a few basic “good practices” in common.

  • Use short, catchy phrases or sentences – tell as much as you can in as few words as you can. Offer an enticing value proposition (why should they read and follow your CTA [call to action]). You’ll begin to lose people in about 15 seconds, so catch their eye from the beginning.
  • Add colorful images – images evoke feelings, display products or services and create a statement without saying a word. Stay relevant, however. A photo of a dog does not exactly tie in with a food delivery service (even if he is cute).
  • Include a call-to-action in text and also a button – there should be no mistaking what you want your viewers to do next
  • 20% text rule – any image you use cannot contain more than 20% of the space devoted to text
  • Include business name prominently within the ad
  • Social stats – where applicable, show number of likes and other information by others
  • Ad placement – right column, desktop newsfeed or mobile newsfeed
  • Set your budget – stay in control of how much you pay for each ad or ad set. Use optimized bidding (oCPM) to stay within a bidding range.

By the same token, the landing pages need to be kept strictly geared towards the advertising objective. For example, if the objective is to sign up for a service, then this page should be set up with the options available with all information and clear buttons to complete the transactions. Never send a viewer to a page that requires them to go somewhere else to complete your call-to-action.

Depending on the advertising objective or your ads, they will appear to viewers who meet your specific parameters. Many people log in multiple times per day. Your ads need to be ready for their viewing and found on pages that they frequent most. Optimize for mobile pages so images are clear and readable and videos load immediatelya

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