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Case Studies Of Facebook Ads 5

Facebook Ads Case Studies

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pinterestforbusiness

Landing page: Promote your Pins

Placement: Desktop newsfeed

Critique: Image is of a screenshot of how your page would look on Pinterest on a mobile device. It is engaging because it shows examples of real content. The value proposition is raising awareness of your business on Pinterest. This is stated above the image as a question and below as a matter of fact point. Only one sentence is needed after to describe what Pinterest can do for you.

The landing page contains information on promoted pins, which is what the ad has promised. You do have to click an additional link, “Join the waitlist” to get more detailed info. The second page should probably have been the landing page to avoid a second click.Kitchit


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kitchit

Landing page: Bring the Restaurant Home

Placement: Desktop newsfeed

Critique: The image shows people enjoying dinner being prepared by someone else. The target market is there (women age 25 to 40) and the image conveys the benefit. The headline speaks to the quality of the food prepared for you – restaurant quality. A price is given for three courses per person so you can calculate now what it would cost to take part. The call-to-action is clearly placed where it is easy to find and use.

The landing page is amazing. You are given the steps to booking a chef, the promotional price and links to menus you can currently choose from.Alberta Open Farm Days


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/openfarmdays

Landing Page: http://www.albertafarmdays.com/

Placement: Desktop newsfeed

Critique: The image shows people participating in an actual open day. It is relevant to what viewers want to know about the service you are providing. Value proposition: learn where your fresh food comes from in your area. A clear call-to-action is also present. Additional text below the image might engage the reader more. Something like weekend deals or promotions for groups would be helpful.

The landing page details upcoming open farm days along with links for which farms can be visited and regional guides. You can print them and plan your visits accordingly.PlateJoy

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/platejoy

Landing Page: PlateJoy

Placement: Desktop newsfeed

Critique: The balanced image is relevant to the product and offers more reasons to try this service. Above the ad text gives precise instructions on how the service works. Below the ad text reiterates why the service is useful. The last line of text could have been eliminated or changed as it’s simply a repeat of the headline. An offer or a promo would work.

This landing page is clear and precise. You have large buttons for “learn more” about the service, steps to use the service and getting started. All the help you need including examples are provided.Ydraw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Videoscribing

Landing page: https://ydraw.com

Placement: Mobile newsfeed

Critique: Ads in mobile newsfeeds need to be optimized for that purpose. Images should be clear and text short and to the point to catch the viewer’s attention in such a small space. This caricature image definitely gets its point across. The question in the text above the image is thought-provoking to keep you watching. The headline at the bottom sums up the product – a way to tell your business story. While you can’t show all the text in a mobile newsfeed ad, make sure the wording that does show is enough of a teaser for readers to click your call-to-action button, as in this example.

This landing page features engaging images and a video at eye level to view all you need to know about whiteboard advertising services. Below that is the opt-in area to learn about pricing, as well as sample videos.facebook ads 3


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