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The Ins and Outs of Twitter Ads

You know how important social media is to your business. With the right strategy you can build your brand, spread awareness, and build up your client base. Taking your social media strategy one step further with Twitter ads can ignite your social media marketing. Twitter ads are targeted, budget friendly, optimized and traceable. Not to mention that, according to Yahoo Finance, Twitter has a higher click through rate than other social media networks.

Before you get started on running Twitter Ads, be sure that you are using Twitter to its maximum capacity. Confirm that you have a complete profile, with a creative image that is strongly associated with your business and a link back to your website or even a special landing page. In other words, personalize your website as much as you can.

Twitter AdsEnsure that you are participating in Twitter conversations, engaging your audience and having your voice heard. Follow the right people and make certain that your message is designed for your ideal audience. Confirm that you are using Hashtags appropriately. Mention others in your Tweets, reply to those who send direct messages or who mention you in a message. Link to information your audience will find useful or solve a problem.

When it comes to social media, you need to be where your customers are. If they’re prolific on Twitter, you need to be, too. Once you become accustomed to using Twitter and your profile is optimized, you’re ready to try running Twitter ads. There are three types of Twitter ads that you can run.

  1. Promoted Accounts
  2. Promoted Tweets
  3. Promoted Trends

Promoted accounts and promoted trends are for large businesses with deep pockets. Therefore, you want to focus on Promoted Tweets. The cost is lower and the return on investment (ROI) is higher than Google Ads in some cases. A promoted Tweet allows you to bid on selected Tweets to show to a specific audience.

You’ll be able to promote your Tweet based on interest,twitter advertising gender, location, users who are like their followers, users who influence a specific audience, device specific and current followers. You will pay “per engagement”. Engagements are retweets, replies, click-throughs, or new followers. So basically if someone answers your call to action they’ve generated what Twitter calls an engagement.

In order to get more engagements you need to ensure that you’re using Twitter in an optimized way. In order to ensure that you are doing all you can to use Twitter in a way that will advance your business follow these tips and tricks.

  • Know Who Your Ideal Client Is – You can’t begin to create products or marketing materials that speak to your audience if you have no idea who that ideal customer or client is. Create a persona or avatar of your ideal client to keep near you while you develop your twitter campaigns.
  • Budget Your Time Correctly – One problem with social media marketing is that spending time doing the wrong thing will make you feel productive while you’re really just wasting time. Be realistic about the time you have to devote, and then set a timer so that you’re forced to be truly productive during that time.
  • Set Goals for Twitter Marketing – Before you even get started, understand what you want to accomplish with Twitter Ads. Twitter ads are powerful and can work for your business in so many ways. But first, you must create measureable and realistic goals for each Twitter ad and action.
  • Develop a Strong Profile – Every social media network allows you to put up a bio or profile, and Twitter is no different. You are limited by what they allow you to put but you can use the images, backgrounds, and space creatively to include the right information that is designed to tell potential clients and customers about you but make it about them.
  • Always Link to Your Website – Link to your website in your profile, and when you create updates, ads, or post from your blog. Ensure that there is a link back to your website. After all, that’s the point. You want to bring everyone to your website and to your email list.
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