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The Ins and Outs of Twitter Ads

You know how important social media is to your business. With the right strategy you can build your brand, spread awareness, and build up your client base. Taking your social media strategy one step further with Twitter ads can ignite your social media marketing. Twitter ads are targeted, budget friendly, optimized and traceable. Not to mention that, according to Yahoo Finance, Twitter has a higher click through rate than other social media networks.

In order to get more engagements you need to ensure that you’re using Twitter in an optimized way. In order to ensure that you are doing all you can to use Twitter in a way that will advance your business follow these tips and tricks.

  • Use an Engaging Cover Photo – Some people feel the cover photo isn’t important because so many people use automation to view your Twitter but that’s not true, a cover photo is a great opportunity to further brand awareness.
  • Use a Professional Twitter Picture – Don’t just slap any picture up there as your profile picture. While you can use a logo, consider using a picture with a real face, eyes and smile. The reason is that people will trust you more if they see that a real person is behind the Twitter.
  • Create Twitter Lists – Creating a list of Twitter users is useful to allow you to click the list to only look at their timeline to save time on having to scroll through and miss something important from these people.Twitter Ads-Example-2
  • Organize Your Followers – You can favorite Tweets and you can create categories for classifying your tweets and other tweets using tags. You can even go through your own account and delete old or useless tweets.
  • Search for People to Follow – Use Twitter search and Hashtags to find people to follow. You want to follow people who are in your audience but also people who market to your audience.
  • Engage with Others Often – Don’t just get on Twitter, send a Tweet and call it a day. Worse, don’t send auto Tweets and call it a day. Instead, you want to engage with other users to form relationships on Twitter.
  • Don’t Be Boring – You only have a 140 characters, but that doesn’t mean your Tweets and responses need to be boring. Give it some thought. Can you say what you want to in pictures, or prose
  • Offer Value — Remember that your job is to offer value to your ideal audience who you want to become your client or customer. Anytime you are providing value, you’re doing the right thing.
  • Join Twitter Chats – There are live events, and you can even host a live event called a Twitter chat about a specific topic, usually with a Hashtag established along with a set time for the event. To find a chat to join look at Chat Salad or Tweet Reports.
  • Plan Your Content Sharing – Don’t just fly by the seat of your pants when it comes to creating content for Twitter. Plan in advance based on what you’re trying to promote.
  • Schedule Content – Using a spreadsheet or automated software like HootSuite.com, use your plans to pre-schedule the content you want to share on Twitter.twitter ads-wordstream-ad-2
  • Repeat Tweets – Don’t just share a Tweet one time, you should share it multiple times for the best results. Different segments of your audience will look at Twitter at various times of day.
  • Use Automation Wisely – Click to Tweet buttons on your website and other content, scheduled posts, and that type of automation is fine if you still get on Twitter live and participate in the social aspects of the social media network.
  • Ask Questions Strategically – You can be straightforward, yes or no, or offer choices for an answer such as A or B. This way you’re more likely to get a response. You can also use Polls using polling software like surveymonkey.com.
  • Choose Images Carefully – You want to use images with human faces in them because people obviously relate better with humans. That’s why it’s better if your Twitter profile picture is a person, while the background is the logo. People will trust you more if they can see a person.
  • Show your Products – Post pictures of your products that are clear, well produced, and include testimonials of those who have used the product. Ensure that you include a call to action with a promoted post.
  • Mix Up The Content – You don’t have to just share pictures and text. You can share video, slide shows, and more on Twitter. Mix it up and be creative. The more types of content you post, the better and more entertaining for your audience.
  • Spread the Love – Retweeting relevant Tweets from others is an important way to engage. You can also add your own thoughts to a retweet. Plus, they are likely to also retweet something important for you, too.

All of these tips can also be relevant when it comes to promoted tweets and Twitter Ads. Like most Tweets, promoted tweets need to be promoted to the right audience. This will take some study of your audience and of your goals. Nothing should be done without giving it top consideration so that your results will most closely match your goals.


Understanding keywords, how to target the right keywords, how to target the right people through their interests and who they follow and engage with will make a huge difference on whether or not your Twitter ads are successful. The great thing about Twitter is that you can run several slightly different promoted posts each time that are almost the same so that you can determine which is working better.


Finally, let’s take a look at just how easy it is for anyone to set up promoted posts by learning more about the different options for Twitter ads and why you should choose Promoted Tweets because it’s the easiest, and most effective for a small business with a small budget.


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