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To Start With Twitter Ads, Follow These Instructions

Go to the URL: https://ads.twitter.com/ Sign in with Twitter or if you don’t have an account yet, sign up.1signincreateaccount

Click “Create New Campaign”2CreateCampaign

Choose campaign type from the dropdown menu3campaigntype

For this example we’ll choose Followers. This means this advertisement choice will help you get more followers and charge you as you get more followers. Now, give the campaign a name, and choose when you want to run the campaign.4namecampaign


After you finish this part, next scroll down to compose or select. Then choose or create at least three appropriate tweets for this campaign.

Ensure that you use no more than 140 characters, using about 100 is best to account for retweet characters.6composedtweets3

Scroll down to Targeting. Here you can pick a location, gender, language, devices, platforms, carriers. You can also choose other targeting criteria like followers, interests, tailored audiences, behaviors and event targeting. A great way to target a group is by followers. For example, this sample advertisement is to promote a content marketing company.

Therefore, targeting followers of The Content Marketing Institute may be a good idea. You can choose to target users that are like your own followers, too. Targeting people based on their behavior or events they’re attending is another really good idea.

Finally, set your daily budget maximum. This is required. You can also choose a maximum total budget and your campaign will automatically stop once it’s reached this amount. Choose how you want to bid, automatic or maximum bid. If you choose maximum bid, you’ll choose how much your max bid is for each engagement. For this example we are going to let the system decide by choosing automatic, which will choose the lowest price within the budget.

Click Save Campaign. Now you’ll have a few choices to complete this campaign.7schedulecampaign

You can schedule your campaign, save as a draft, or modify any of the details.

We’ll go ahead and click “schedule the campaign”. Having done that, you’ll need to enter your financial information in if you haven’t already done that.8CongratulationsPage

If your financial information is accepted you can now click “continue to my campaigns”. To see your campaigns, just click on campaigns in the top menu bar. Then “launched campaigns” to view campaigns that are upcoming or actually launched.

Your promoted tweet is now ready to go. If you scheduled it for the future it will start on the date you scheduled it. If you created it to start immediately then it should be started once you have finished entering your financial information.



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