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Analyzing Your Twitter Ads

As they say, nothing is ever done until the paperwork. Well, when it comes to online marketing, nothing is done until the analysis has been completed. Let’s go over the different areas of your Twitter Ads Dashboard. This will give you a good overview of what’s there and what you can do with it.

Campaigns Tab

In the section below, you can see an upcoming campaign where you can ensure that the scheduled campaign looks how you want it to. In this case, the campaign starts on the 17th of August and ends on the 17th of August, the budget is $25 dollars per day with a total budget for the entire campaign of $25.00.9Campaignoverview twitter

As you see here, there are also some messages, which you can dismiss. One message asks you to explore the new Ads editor tool, and the other tells you that $100 is located in your billing history. When there are important issues you’ll get these popups that will remind you.

Creatives Tab

1 twitter adsUnder the “Creatives” tab you’ll find a list of Tweets that you’ve sent in the past or that you’ve scheduled (promoted) for the future as well as ones that have different objectives. Furthermore, you can choose to use some of your older Tweets as future promotions.

You can also look at and create Twitter Cards for promoted Tweets. There are four types of Twitter cards. Lead generation, website, basic app, and image app.

  • Lead Generation – These cards help you capture data right from your Tweet. Users can share their information with you easily. To create one, you’ll need a description, an image, a call to action, link to your privacy policy, and an optional destination URL which can redirect the user to a special landing page after they submit the information.

You can even provide thank you text after they’ve submitted their information. You can download the lead information manually or you can set an URL that it’s automatically submitted to, such as a customer relationship management system.

  • Website – Provide users who intract with your promoted Tweets a quick summary of your website information. You’ll need an URL for your website, a good headline that describes what your page is about, an image that is not a stock image, a call to action from the list, and a name for the card so you can organize the information.
  • Basic App & Image App – If you’re promoting an app, this is an effective way to get more installs of your app by Twitter users who interact with your promoted Tweets. One is with an image and one is without.

Analytics Tab

Under this tab you have several choices: Home, Tweet Activity, Followers, Audience Insights and Twitter Cards. Click each sub tab to learn more.

  • Home — The great thing about this is when you go to home, you can find out which Tweet got the most responses and look at the Tweet activity from that one Tweet. You get an overview of the rest of the choices under the Analytics tab on one page.
  • Tweet Activity – This sub tab shows you at a glance with a graph the number of impressions your Tweets earned over the time period you choose. You can also see an easy pictorial view of engagement rate. Plus, how many link clicks, retweets, and favorites you earn over the same period of time.
  • Followers – Under this submenu item you can learn about the demographics of your audience, such as gender and income, what their topic interest is, and also how many new followers, on average, that you’re gaining each day.
  • Audience Insights – This sub item gives you even more understanding into your audience. It’s very important to understand and know whether you’re reaching your ideal audience or not, and this ability will certainly help you.
  • Twitter Cards – If you’ve created Twitter cards you can measure URL clicks, watch change over time, and so much more. Learn all you can about Twitter cards because they can play an important role in your promoted Tweets.
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