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Twitter Tools Tab

Under the tools tab you’ll find the ads editor, audience manger, app manger, event calendar and conversion tracking functions.

• Ads Editor – This is where you can create new campaigns or make changes to existing ones. You can download the targeting criteria directory and export and import using an MS Excel Spreadsheet. This makes it really easy for businesses that are running multiple ads at the same time to make changes to a spreadsheet and then re -upload.

• Audience Manager – You can create a new audience list here. Name your audience; specify what type of data you have such as email addresses, mobile phone numbers, and even twitter user IDs. You can also upload your data file in CSV file. You can use tailored audiences for lists, web and mobile apps. With these lists, you can market directly to this audience certain promoted posts that go only to them.

twitter ads 5• App Manager – This is where you can set up your apps that you want to promote as well as track conversions for each. You can use Twitter’s optimized creatives. Using this feature you can get the right users and target the right people who are more likely to engage with your app.

• Event Calendar – The great thing about the event calendar is that you can buy real time ads and use promoted posts targeted to the people going to the event at just the right time. This is a very powerful way to use promoted posts on Twitter.

• Conversion Tracking – With this tool you can set up and track the performance of each of your promoted Twitter posts by installing website tags, which can help you compare optimize your campaigns.

Part of every successful Twitter ad campaign is a thorough study of what worked and what didn’t work. Twitter makes it super easy and intuitive to determine what worked and what did not work and with each campaign you’ll be able to improve.

Rules of the Road to Twitter ad Success

If you want promoted Tweets to have an impact, you’ll need to be involved with Twitter engagement before ever running your first promoted post. After all, audiences prove over and over again that engagement and relationship building is the most important thing when it comes to brand loyalty.

• Tweet Organically — In addition, to betwitter ads fot mobiles successful you should already be tweeting in an organic way as good information appears not only when you are promoting something.

• Use Hashtags — You should be using hashtags when you want to connect to the wider conversation about your niche or topic on regular Tweets as well as promoted Tweets.

• Add Links — Another great way to use promoted Tweets is to include an important and relevant link back to a product, service, sales page, or other landing page made just for Twitter followers.

• Stay Current — If you can tie in your promoted Tweet to something happening currently, so much the better. Current events can be anything that’s happening that affects your niche from a particular event.

• Launch – Promoted Tweets are an excellent way to tell your audience about something new. Using the stats available via conversion tracking you’ll be able to determine how well your announcement works.

By trying to include these factors into each tweet, whether promoted or not, the tweets will be more successful than tweets that do not include these factors. A good way to determine what works for Promoted Tweets is to look at how other successful businesses use Twitter. Then, do what you need to do to be successful with using Twitter as a promotional tool in your own business


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