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Examples of Successful Promoted Tweets For Twitter Ads


1examplepromotedtweetNotice that this Tweet offers a link to a video on Youtube.com, plus a creative hashtag. Plus the tweet doesn’t live alone; Old Spice is good at keeping the conversation going. If you “follow” you’ll simply become a follower of their Twitter page.2examplepromotionaltweet


The day this Tweet was sent, it was national “shout out” day where you shout out to people to give compliments. JC Penny wisely uses current events to take advantage of a way to get their name in front of all the people who participate in shout out day.3examplepromotedpost


The call to action is clear in this promoted post by The New York Times. They want you to subscribe to the NY Times and if you do so you can save money getting the digital version.4examplepromotedpost


Using an image with words on it, Eventbrite gets your attention due to the bright colors they use on this promoted post. They remembered the call to action “learn more”5examplepromotedpost.


A new promoted post put out today by Docker. When you click on the link you are taken to a squeeze page that prompts you to sign up for more information. Not only that, just by looking you can already see how many people have retweeted it or favorited it.5dockerexample squeeze page


This is the squeeze page you get when you click through the promoted tweet. You go to this page, which is tracked via web cookies that Twitter provides and you upload to your website. The squeeze page is made with whatever software you want to use such as WordPress for the site and LeadPages.net or Instapages.com for the sales page.6examplepromotedtweet



This promoted tweet purports to help everyone get more tweets from like-minded people. If you click “sign up now” you’ll be taken to a squeeze page that invites you to sign up through Twitter to allow them to use your Twitter account. Whether or not you should do that is your choice, this is just an example of the different ways you can use promoted tweets.6copromoteexample


Twitter ads are very powerful if you use them properly. Remember, you want to include organic tweets, hashtags, links, current events and happenings, and use them for launches. Along with the right copy, images, and targeting you can see results that you may not have realized were possible.twitter

To get started, work on your profile, start scheduling tweets, engage with others, and then work on your Twitter marketing strategy. Try your first Twitter campaign by running Promoted Tweets to get more followers by targeting people who follow one of your competitors. If that works well, then try using Promoted Tweets to get the word out about a new product or service launch. Set up a squeeze page, and send people who click on your Tweet there. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to success with Twitter Ads.

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