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Pinterest – The Ins And Outs

The Ins And Outs Of Pinterest For Business

It’s clear that social media plays an integral part in marketing your business. Learning how to use Pinterest to promote your brand will help you grow your business tremendously. With over 70 million users, Pinterest is a social meia network to be involved with if you want to earn more money via social media marketing.

Use Pinterest to build your brand by building awareness, drive traffic to your products and services, and to help you build your email list and bringing them into your product funnel. There isn’t anything you can do on other social media that you can’t do on Pinterest.

Soon Pinterest will open up the ability for small businesses to run paid promotions on their platform. We know that Facebook ads and promoted posts work very well when done correctly to boost awareness and increase sales. Pinterest ads and promoted pins will do the same thing for your business.

Set up Your Business Account

You have to have a business account, and then you’ll be able to run ads and get a lot of other features. You can convert your current account to business if you haven’t already. Just click “Convert Now” under “Already have an account?” Otherwise, you can create an entirely new account.pinterest


Create an Effective Pinterest Profile

You don’t have much room to create a very original profile, but you can differentiate yourself with your user Business Name, Picture, User Name and the information About You. You get 200 characters for the about section, so make the most of it by using keywords that make sense, and keeping out unnecessary words. It can help to hire a copywriter.

Consider how Pinterest presents your profile. For example if you go to the Random House Pinterest page it looks like this. There is simply the logo, the name of the business, and the profile information, which is very short and to the point, and then under that, all the pinboards.21Random House Pinterest Profile

As you can see, the focus is on the pins, and you have very little space to display a long profile, which forces you to be very succinct with your profile and to use the pinboards to further describe and represent your business

When you see how this looks it shows how important it is to choose your words wisely. Random House has done so by telling the viewer exactly what they’re looking at, plus inviting you to join them on another social network.


Another business that uses their profile to its fullest is Ben & Jerry’s. Their profile states exactly what they do; instead of what the pin board is doing like Random House. “We make the best possible ice cream in the nicest way.” Then, they have wonderful cover photos, and well organized pinboards.11ben and jerrys pinterest profile




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