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Create Organized Targeted Boards On Pinterest

The more organized your pin boards, the easier they will be to promote. There are many schools of thought regarding how to keep pin boards organized. But, there is no reason to make it harder than it needs to be.

  • Create Specific Board Topics – When you name your pin boards the name should be very specific to what’s going to be included. Not only will the name help your audience find you, it will help you know what you’re going to pin inside that board.
  • Develop Subcategories – You don’t want any one pinboard to have too many pins, so when you notice a pin board getting too full, consider creating subcategories to help break up the items in a particular pinboard.
  • Design Telling Covers – Each board should have a cover that represents what’s inside best. Creating a picture that shows exactly what that board is about will go far in helping people know whether or not they want to follow you or not, much less share your pins.
  • Avoid Pinning The Same Thing Twice – If you’re not paying attention you can accidentally have a crowded bunch of pins that are duplicates, that aren’t in the right boards, and worse. As a way to avoid this, like the things you may want to pin first, then go back and pin the ones that go with your boards topics.
  • Put Them in ABC Order – This may sound too simple, but it really is the best way to organize your pins so that your audience can scroll through them easily. It helps your Pinterest look less cluttered just because it offers reference points that everyone understands when they’re looking at a list of items.

Once you have everything organized, you can now focus on ways to promote your Pinterest to help you build your brand, expand awareness, build your email list, and more. You can accomplish any marketing goal that you set if you plan for it.

Use Descriptions for Boards Strategically

For each board you get about 500 characters to create a good description for each board. You want to explain using keywords that your audience might use to search for your board on either Pinterest or Google. Don’t forget to add locations when it matters.

Now that you’ve set up your business Pinterest account and created some pins, it’s time to start marketing your creation so that you can get more followers, more newsletter subscribers and sell more services or products.

Tools to Make the Most of Your Pinterest

There are other tools that you can use to make the most of your Pinterest. Plus, more tools are coming every day. Some of the tools you may not have access to yet, but others you will. Use all that are at your disposal for the best results using Pinterest to market your business.

Buyable Pins

A really exciting potential source of revenue is rolling out from Pinterest and that is buyable pins. What this means is that you’ll be able to put a buy button right on your pins so that people can order what they want as they are looking at your products right on the pinboard. This is a super exciting possibility.

The service is expected to work on mobile devices, and what’s more Pinterest says they’re not going to take a cut of sales. If your business already uses Shoptify.com, you can add your store to Pinterest now by signing into Shoptify.com. If you use Dremandware.com, the solution is coming soon. Otherwise get on Pinterest’s waitlist for this feature.

Promoted Pins

Promoted pins will bring referral traffic, build brand awareness, get attention for your content and boost your sales. But, it’s important to set up a budget. The minimum bid is 5 cents per click, but beware of doing the minimum because those who bid more will get more attention to their pins. Be competitive but stick within your budget.

There is currently a waiting list to join in order to be able to promote your pins. Go to Settings, and then click Promoted Pins.20PromotedPins on pinterest

If you’re not already approved, then you need to click “Join Waitlist”.17join wait list with Pinterest

Fill out the information that they ask for: name, username, email, Pinterest title, budget and more. Then click submit. Once they launch the program you’ll be able to pay per click to promote your pins in a very targeted way. They are rolling it out to a few people at a time, so be patient.

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