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Pinterest – The Ins And Outs 3

Pinterest Allows You To Promote In The Following Ways

  • Popular Pins According to Google Analytics — Once you’re approved, you’ll be able to use Google Analytics data to determine which of your pins have been receiving the most organic traffic. These are actually the ones you want to promote.pinterest retro-icon
  • Popular Pins Accounting to Pinterest — Look at your pins on the Pinterest platform, find the most clicked during a 30-day period that you posted from your own website. Remember, you want to promote your own content, not someone else’s in this case. Further, choose a pin that you want your users to pay attention to out of the group that you find.
  • New Pins — Finally, you can choose to promote a pin that you just added. If you have a product or service that you want to get the word out about fast, promoted pins are just the thing for you to use when starting for scratch.

As you see, you have a few choices to consider as you make your plans to use promoted pins. But, whether you choose popular pins based on Google Analytics, Pinterest’s Analytics, or new pins, the best choice is to choose pins that ultimately lead back to your website and sell a product or service or promote your email list.

  • Set Up Targeting — As with any type of marketing, targeting your audience is important. Pinterest is going to allow you to target your audience a lot like Facebook Ads. You can choose location, language, location, gender, other demographics and even devices.
  • Choose Keywords — You’ll also get to choose the type of keywords and keyword phrases you want to bid on. You’ll be able to choose a lot of keywords so add at least 20 to get the most out of your advertisement and to reach a wider but targeted audience. Just like with your website, or other types of ads, never add keywords that don’t relate to your content. That will only backfire.16-reasons-you-should-never-re-enact pinterest ph-1-16598-1425589267-0_big
  • Set a Budget — One of the hardest parts of running promoted pins is to choose a good budget. The best you can do is experiment and try out different amounts to find out what works best. You’re required to bid at least 5 cents. Remember, the more competitive your terms the higher you should bid. Use Google AdWords to help you determine how competitive your keywords are. Then simply set a daily budget and how long you want your campaign to run.

Finally, as usual, nothing is ever done until you check your metrics. You want to observe how your campaign is doing on a daily basis. You may even want to try running two campaigns at a time to see which one does better. Then you have the option to pause an underperforming campaign so you can focus on the best one. There are a lot of other things you can do to ensure that your promotions work, which is to make your Pinterest interactive, interesting, and targeted toward your audience.

Best Practices for Promoted Pins

When you create pins that you want to promote via paid promotion on Pinterest, ensure that your pins are of good quality. In reality, the rules of succeeding with promoted posts for Pinterest isn’t much different from other types of marketing you do. You need to add value, deliver quality, and be consistent.

  • Use High Quality Images – Images that are of poor quality will not excite your followers or potential audience as much as a good image that is not only high quality in terms of technicalities but high quality in terms of using the space and art of the image correctly. In addition, make your images vertical to make them easier to view on mobile devices.
  • Tug At Their Emotions – Images are great ways to tug at your audience’s emotions and get them to care about the things that you are showing them. It can all be done via images and descriptions.
  • Use Rich Pins – These are tags that you can use to designate whether your pin is a movie, recipe, article or product. Plus, you can tag your pins to show the place you are when locality is important.
  • Include a CTA – Your calls to action are important and can be included on a well-designed image. Create the pin just for Pinterest. Don’t use the same exact images everywhere in the same form, with the same words on them.
  • Use Keywords – You can use 150 keywords with every promoted pin, but it’s more important to use the right keywords than to use too many. Focus on using the right keywords that really go with what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • Interact With Your Audience – If someone comments on a pin, make sure to answer back. They’ll appreciate it and realize there’s a real person behind your business.
  • Start Your Pin On Your Website – Always start your own pins on your website, then add to your boards. This helps people who then find your pins get back to your website, which is the whole point, right? Use a plugin that will help you with this, which you can build here.
  • Optimize Your Landing Pages – When your audience finds your pins and then clicks through to your website, ensure that what they find looks awesome and is made to keep them on your site and to answer your calls to action. You want them to go to the product or service page, not just your blog.

As Pinterest rolls out promoted pins and buyable pins giving businesses new ways to market and advertise their products and services best practices will evolve. Add to this list as you learn more ways to use promoted posts and Pinterest ads.

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