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Pinterest – The Ins And Outs 6

Pinterest Some More Examples


The next pin you should look at is a pin from Bookbub.com. This is the view that you get before you even click on it.

6bookbubA high quality image: Yes, several images that pique curiosity.


Descriptive picture: Yes, there is an image and text that explains who will love the site.


Links: Yes


Credit: Yes

SEO Rich Description: They use the description box well.

Call to Action: Yes, tells the viewer where to go for more information even without having to click on it.

This pin is a great example of a business understanding how to use pins properly. It’s pinned from their blog, with high quality images, plus information to let you know more even without clicking through.


This pin is from tone-and-tighten.com and shows how a powerful image and a good description can get results.


A high quality image: Great image, with bold text.

Descriptive picture: Using text and an image is a good way to create a pin.

Links: Yes


Credit: Yes

SEO Rich Description: Using hashtags and a link in the description as well as a challenge is a good use of the box.

Call to Action: Yes, the challenge to push yourself and the hashtags are motivational.


The budgetblonde.com did well with this pin. It has an image people can relate to, plus text to explain what you’ll learn if you click through.


A high quality image: Image is great, relatable.

Descriptive picture: The picture, plus the text makes the viewer aware of what to expect.

Links: Yes

Credit: Yes

SEO Rich Description: Yes


Call to Action: Asking a question and providing a link in the description is helpful.


This fun pin from donteatthepaste.com is straight forward, just an image, and a short description with a link to the website.


A high quality image: The image looks interesting because it will stand out since it’s black and white in a sea of color.

Descriptive picture: You know immediately that it’s a coloring page.

Links: Yes

Credit: Yes


SEO Rich Description: The description probably could be better but it does include a link.

Call to Action: You can get coloring pages at the website but they could do better about saying it.


This pin from The Jenny Evolution offers pins that have natural tips for things like foot odor.

10footsmellsA high quality image: Yes, the picture shows the product well.

Descriptive picture: The use of words and images makes the picture come to life with meaning.

Links: Yes

Credit: Yes, posted from her site.

SEO Rich Description: Could do better in the description area. For example, it already says in the picture to get rid of food odor – could use hashtags and links.

Call to Action: Should invite everyone to click through to learn more.

As you see by the examples, there are many ways to use Pinterest to promote your business.

With more than 50,000 businesses on Pinterest you’re in good company. And, Pinterest seems dedicated to rolling out additional services to help their business subscribers achieve their marketing and advertising goals with Pinterest analytics, rich pins, promoted posts, and other new tools, you need to get on board with Pinterest.

The next steps you should take are to clean up your current Pinterest. Organize them in the right categories and topics, put them in alphabetical order, and work on optimizing each pin so that you have a high quality image that is descriptive plus links, SEO rich descriptions, and a call to action in each and every Pin. Use all the tools at your disposal on Pinterest and it will work to build your brand, bring traffic to your website, and achieve any goal that you set for your business

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