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 Periscope – Your username

When you sign up, you get a list of usernames based on your Twitter handle. You can choose one of these or create a different one. Your username needs to be at least two characters. If the username icon turns red when you create it, that username is unavailable.

Your username will be visible to other users when you chat on broadcasts, so choose wisely & if possible, related it to your business brand.

You can edit your display name but not your username.

You can create a second Periscope account with a different Twitter handle. Simply log out of your existing account and then create another Periscope account with a different Twitter account.

Changing Your Periscope Information

Editing your profile photo

There are a couple of ways to change your photo. You can update your Periscope profile photo by either updating your Twitter profile or in the Periscope app itself.

  1. Updating your Twitter photo. Change you photo on Twitter. Log out of your Periscope account and then log back in. This updates your Periscope account.
  2. Update the photo in Periscope. Go to your profile page and tap ‘edit’ or the ‘edit icon’ on the top right. This takes you to the profile edit screen where can update your photo by picking one from your camera roll/gallery or taking one with your camera.

Important! Once you do this, you won’t be able update your profile photo through Twitter anymore. You will also have to update it through your Periscope profile.

Editing your profile

To edit your Periscope bio in iOS and Android, click the Profile icon in the top right corner on the People Tab. Tap the edit icon on the top right.

Switch between multiple Twitter accounts

You need to sign up for multiple Periscope accounts if you have multiple Twitter accounts. In iOS and Android, you can switch between Twitter accounts by logging out and back in and choosing which account you want to use.

If you don’t see the account you want to sign in with, you might not be logged into your Twitter account through the Twitter app or your Twitter settings. You would need to update your Twitter account on your device if this is the case.

That’s the basics for setting up your Periscope account. It’s an easy process that takes just a few minutes if you already have a Twitter account.

Navigating Periscope Tabs6-tabs in periscope

Tabs are how you navigate through Periscope. There are four primary tabs in the app. Let’s look at these.

  1. The first tab displays two lists:
  • A list of the people you’re following on Periscope who are “live”. To join live broadcast, just touch the listing.
  • A list of broadcasts you’ve attended within the past 24 hours. To replay a broadcast, touch the one you want to see.
  1. The second tab has two views. One shows a global list of live public broadcasts you can join. The other shows a7-global points in periscope global map of live public broadcasts you can join.
  2. The third tab is where you broadcast. This is the red button at the bottom right on an Android or the camera icon in iOS app.
  3. The fourth tab is the place to find people to follow. The number of followers that is displayed refers to how many Periscope followers a person has. This is where you can access your profile and other settings as well.

The tabs are how you navigate through the main screens on Periscope. It’s where you watch and produce broadcasts.

What is a broadcast?

A Periscope broadcast is a live video stream. It directly engages and interacts with viewers through the use of chats and hearts. Broadcasts can be public and available in the global feed of everyone. This is the default setting.

Periscope broadcasts can be private as well. This8-broadcast in periscope means you need to select each individual viewer.

To do a broadcast, open your Periscope app and tap the broadcast tab in iOS and then the Camera icon at the bottom center or in Android tap the Camera icon at the bottom right.

Put in the title that describes what you are going to broadcast.

Choose your options via the three icons above the “Start Broadcast” button.

  • Manage your location settings
  • Make the broadcast private
  • Limit your chat and/or Tweet live stream

Tap ‘Start Broadcast.’

To end a broadcast, swipe the screen down and tap ‘Stop Broadcast’.

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