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Periscope – Saving Videos For Later

Important! Be careful when you do this. If you click in the wrong place you can accidentally stop the upload of your live broadcast to Periscope for replay to the public for 24 hours.

Creating a broadcast is simple and quick. You don’t need any fancy video equipment. Just tap a few buttons on your Periscope app and you’re live.

Getting Likes and Comments

Like all of social media, the more likes and comments you get, the more followers you will have.

On Periscope the way to show9-hearts on periscope someone you like their broadcasts is with hearts.

Hearts are only available in public broadcasts and replays. Hearts given in private broadcasts and replays will not be counted towards your overall heart count.

You can comment during a live broadcast as well. Everyone can read these comments.

There are some things you can do to improve your “like” count.

  • Label your broadcasts. People want to know what they’ll be watching before they click. Briefly describe your broadcast with something appealing. Use emotions in the title. Keep the title short but compelling.
  • Make your broadcasts interesting and relevant to your brand and your audience. Throw out the script and relax. It’s okay to make a few mistakes but try to avoid fillers like “um” and “ah”. Do a trial run without actually broadcasting to get comfortable.
  • Be relevant. Don’t try to attract dog lovers if you are talking about being a cat lover. Add anecdotes or interview someone with a lively personality. Be friendly and open.
  • Interact with the viewers when they comment. Take the time to try to comment back or say “hi” and thank people for liking you. Don’t beg for hearts, though.
  • Let people know you’ll be broadcasting by sending a Tweet when the broadcast begins. Post an announcement on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Follow and interact with other users and their broadcasts. The more you interact, the more followers you have. Interact with Periscope users in your niche. Be sure to comment on their posts and follow them.

Keeping your broadcasts relevant and fun is a great way to improve your likes and comments while getting more followers.

Find and follow people on Periscope

To build your following and learn10-people on periscope from others you need to follow other people. To find people to follow, simply tap the People Tab to find a list of suggested users to follow.

You can also search for specific people by:


  • Tapping the People Tab and then tapping the magnifying glass icon on the top left.
  • Entering their name in the search bar. Once you find the one you want, tap the “+” icon.

To unfollow, go to that user’s profile and tap “unfollow” or uncheck them from your follower list.

The more followers you have, the more popular your Periscope broadcasts can be.

Tips for growing an audience

Periscope is a great tool to grow your following, build your list and create a community. You can use a variety of ways to gain followers. Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Do a Q&A Scope on a niche topic. Use your knowledge and expertise to create a scope where you can share tips and hints. Use a #hashtag that attracts those who are interested in the topic.
  • Encourage people to give you Hearts and Share your scope to their tribe. Sharing allows their followers to view your scope for 24 hours. Offer a free gift for the person that gives you the most hearts.
  • Collaborate with other Periscopers. This is a powerful and effective way to grow your following. Give before you ask for help. Find someone you’d love to collaborate with and give them something of value, such as a free product or a promise to promote their product.
  • Turn on the Twitter sign when posting a Scope. Follow your Scopes on Twitter to attract a wider audience.
  • Encourage people to connect during your Scope. Ask them where they are from and what they are scoping about. Encourage those on your broadcast to follow others whose topics interest them.
  • Do a “Behind the Scenes” Scope. This brings the human factor into your business. Showing how you do things behind the scenes lets you be more personal. For example share how you plan your day if you are a health professional or how you set up a photo shoot if you’re a photographer.

“This method lets the people viewing your Periscope broadcast feel like they are the insider,” James Blews, an online marketing and SEO consultant (jamesblews.com), said. “They get to see a walk-through of how your product is made, in real-time. Not only does this show the quality, but it can also give them a more trusting feeling of the behind-the-scenes that most business just do not.”

  • Build a community and encourage them to join you on regular Scopes. Give regular scopes every week at a regular time so followers can plan on sharing the time with you.
  • Most importantly, share valuable content that your followers can use and need. Make sure it’s something that solves their problems.

Periscope can be a great business / customer building tool. Providing value and being human are the first steps in building

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