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Boost Your Marketing: Video Editing With YouTube

You Tube Video Editing

YouTube has its own video editor, but you wouldn’t know it since they barely ever promote it. The thing is, the video editor is actually a good choice, free and easy to use. It’s a perfectly good choice to make your videos look extra special. You can cut, clip together, drop in music, and create titles, transitions, annotations and more using this free software.

What You Can Do with YouTube Editor

Let’s go over YouTube Editor and exactly what it can do. This is what you see when you first sign into your channel on YouTube.com.abouttags

Then you need to find your creator studio.dropdown.PNG

After you click on Creator Studio you’ll be taken to this screen.Dashboard

This is your dashboard. From here you can edit any of the videos you’ve already uploaded. To upload a video you can click on “upload”.promotions



Once a video has been uploaded and processed you can now edit it.promotions

When you click edit, you’ll see a drop down menu appear.editingavideoa

In that drop down menu you can see the choices you have to edit your video using YouTube.com’s video editor. Let’s go over each one.

Info and Settings: If you click info and settings you’ll be taken to the following screen.enhancementsoverview

You can reach any of the options listed below on the top of the screen, underlined in red. Plus you can choose a custom thumbnail from your files for your video.

That means you can take a snapshot and upload it as a cover photo for the video. Your custom thumbnail images much have a resolution of 1280×720 (with minimum width of 640 pixels) in image formats of JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG. Plus they need to be under the 2MB size limit. That’s a great way to put something branded as the thumbnail. That’s what people see prior to watching the video. You want that image to be interesting enough to capture their curiosity.

In addition, you will find the unique URL to share the video directly with others.

Here you can also change the Basic Info by scrolling down under the video.editavideo

Put a title, a description, what type of file you’re uploading, tags, plus a message on your video and whether it’s public, unlisted or private. Click on Monetization to choose whether to show ads on your video.

Choose Advanced Settings and you will have a lot of options of what you can change on your video.advanced settings

In advanced settings you can choose to allow comments, let users rate the video, choose your license rights, syndicate, include a closed caption certificate, choose distribution options, age restrictions if appropriate, pick your category, video location if applicable, include the recording date and more. Just go through each choice to find out what you want to do. The choices offer the little for information so that you can read more about the option.

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