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Boost Your Marketing: Video Editing With YouTube 2

YouTube Video Editing

YouTube has its own video editor, but you wouldn’t know it since they barely ever promote it. The thing is, the video editor is actually a good choice, free and easy to use. It’s a perfectly good choice to make your videos look extra special. You can cut, clip together, drop in music, and create titles, transitions, annotations and more using this free software.

Enhancements: There is a lot you can do in the enhancements area of your creator studio dashboard.enhancementsoverview

You can do quick fixes, such as adjusting the light, working with saturation, contrast and color temperament. You can also make things slow motion, or faster motion and even to time lapse effects on your video. You can even automatically blur out all faces if you need to.blurfacesYou can immediately do these things right from the window, save, and then move on to the next feature.

Audio: When you click on audio you’ll notice to the right of the video that you can add music to your video. There is already royalty free music that you can choose from and search. Be careful adding music to your video if you’re talking. Be sure the music is not distracting.adding music

Annotations: When you click on annotations at the top of the screen you’ll see this screen first.adding annotations

First you must enable your account for external annotation links. It’s easy to do. Just click enable. Then you must accept the terms of service.acceptingenable

After you accept the rules you can then start adding annotations to your video. You can add speech bubbles, notes, title, spotlight, and a label.adding annotations

Here we’re adding a spotlight to point out that potatoes are a plant based food that is actually good for you. We are able to add a spotlight that will link to a Dr. McDougall video talking about why potatoes are good for you.potatoesaregoodforyoua


Here is a closer shot of the area to the right ofpotatoesaregoodforyou the video that you fill out to add a spotlight.



Just fill out the areas that are offered so that you can make the spotlight. In this example they’re going to point out that potatoes are good for you and link to another video that explains how good the potatoes are for you.










In order to add any of the different types of annotations, just click on the one you want. Here is an example of a speech bubble.talkbubble

Speech bubbles are a little limited in terms of making them the size and shape you want in YouTube editor but they are very doable and usable.

A really exciting feature is the ability to add cards. Cards are a way for your viewers to interact with your video and answer your calls to action. To add a card your account must be in good standing and you must obey all the terms of service.




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