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Try A Social Media Group 3

Tips For Approaching A Group

So far we have covered finding a group for yourself, how to start your own group. We are going to dicuss in this prost activity of groups.

Group Activity

Step 5. Joining an Existing Group

Before introducing yourself to any group, read the guidelines.  Whether or not your group owes its existence to a social network or a forum, there are usually “sticky” guidelines posted.  Do take note of and observe these.

Some groups require you to wait for approval:  Others don’t.

Once you’re approved, on accessing a forum you’ll be invited you to “introduce yourself”.

11-forum or group intrductions

If a “Stickies” or “Rules/guidelines” category isn’t in plain sight on accessing the forum, you’ll usually find it under this introductory category.


Be sure to read the rules and stick to them.

Step 6.  Observe Universal Group Best Practices

There’s a fine art to creating or contributing to a successful group, and there are definite “best practices”.

1.  Make sure every new member is welcomed and acknowledged

2.  Be committed to contributing and adding value to your new online community

3.  Realize it is a community:  Don’t join just for the sake of joining

4.  Reserve promoting your services or products for special group sections devoted to offers; otherwise, if these don’t exist within your group, don’t “sell”.

5.  Stay on topic.  If you want to go off on a tangent, post a new topic

6.  Answer other group members’ questions, if you have the specific knowledge to do so

7.  Use common sense.  Don’t share really personal or irrelevant information

8.  If your social network doesn’t allow file sharing and your group needs that function, remember you can always use Dropbox

9.  Listen courteously and respond relevantly to discussions.  This doesn’t mean posting vague comments such as: “Nice!” – If you have to post something this generic and hurried, make sure you respond in more detail next time

10.  It is always appreciated when you acknowledge a post someone has put time and thought into

11.  Nurture your group.  Like any other relationship, it requires your presence and participation

Try A Social Media Group 3

Groups are what you make them – whether you are the administrator/owner or simply a member.  Do your best to make your group a rich community, and you will soon find yourself well rewarded.  The important thing to remember is have fun in your group!!!

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