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Boost Your Marketing: Video Editing With YouTube 3

YouTube Video Editing

YouTube has its own video editor, but you wouldn’t know it since they barely ever promote it. The thing is, the video editor is actually a good choice, free and easy to use. It’s a perfectly good choice to make your videos look extra special. You can cut, clip together, drop in music, and create titles, transitions, annotations and more using this free software.

Enhancements: There is a lot you can do in the enhancements area of your creator studio dashboard.

Adding a video or playlist:


promotinganotherchanneltalkbubblePromoting another channel:Creating a link:creatingalink

Note that you can only link to approved sites, which is your main website that corresponds to your YouTube channel, an approved retailer such as Amazon Merch and if you have a crowdfunding site you can direct people there.

Cards are fabulous for allowing your audience to truly answer your calls to action in their own time. The card pops up but then only a like icon is left that shows when your viewer hovers over the video. You may need to instruct some of your viewers how to use cards. They work on both PCs and mobile devices.

Subtitles and CC: A really interesting feature that you can use is subtitles and closed caption. Subtitles can help you get your message across easier and closed captioning works for people who cannot watch and listen to your video normally. It looks just like the captions that come up on your television if you have closed captioning activated.

Download MP4: If you want to ensure that you have a copy of the edited version after you’re done and it’s finished processing, you can download the video using this function.

Next we’re going to focus on combining videos, clipping, adding sound and music, and the special tools and effects.

Combine Multiple Videoscreatenewvideo

In the dashboard click on create and a drop down appears with a couple of choices, choose “video editor”.creatingfromold

Notice that you will simply drag the videos to the area circled in red.dragvideo

Clip Video Lengths

Sometimes a video you made is too long or has errors in it. You want to fix it so that it looks better. This feature allows you to accomplish that. Thankfully, with YouTube video editor you can cut things out, add other videos in, and make your video look the way you want it.

Add Sound or Music

YouTube offers the ability to add royalty free music that they already have available for you to add. Be careful about making the music too loud if someone is talking, as you want their voice to be the focal point.

Special Tools & Effects

Add a title to your video opening. In this example we decided to add a title banner that explains what they will be making. When you process the video it will now include the title tag for the time you selected for it to appear.adding a title banner

Once you click create video it will then save your video in the new format. It will give you a message that your video is processing.


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