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YouTube Combining Clips

You can create a new video and add clips from other videos you’ve uploaded to the timeline by dragging. The reason you may want to do this is because you didn’t get a straight shot of the entire video you wanted to make. It may consist of a few clips from a store, then a few clips from the kitchen or something else. You can upload all those videos to YouTube, make them private, then when you create a new video you can drag those videos into the editor, put them into order and make them one video by combining clips.

Tweaks & Enhancements

Sometimes you may want to add interesting effects to a video to improve viewer experience. You can rotate, add transitions, put text into the video, slow down or speed up certain parts of the video and more.

Rotate – There may be times you want to rotate part of an image to make it look interesting. Be careful with this feature because you don’t want to make people feel uneasy watching your videos, so use this feature with discretion. The place where you rotate a video is shown in this image.rotateslowmotion with youtube

Annotations — We’ve talked a little about adding annotations in your video. But now let’s talk about why. The entire point of a video is to connect and engage with the viewer and notes, titles, labels, speech bubbles and links will help get more engagement. It’ll make your video feel more interactive and audiences like that.thisisaspeechbubble in youtube

Using all these different features to edit your videos using YouTube editor is actually pretty powerful. It’s not as good as some professional editors but if you’re just starting out, and don’t want to spend money on a high priced video editor, then the YouTube editor is perfect for your needs. It actually has most of the features you need to make your videos look more appealing to the viewer.

Effects — Adding effects like transitions to your videos can make a video made with several cuts look more interesting and make the transition between videos more cohesive. Don’t go nuts with transitions though, because it can make your video look a little jumpy if there are too many. The best places for a transition effect are at the beginning after the intro and at the end before you promote your products, services, or website.transitions with youtube

ow & Fast Motion – Using slow and fast motion can work for a lot of things. For example, if you’re trying to demonstrate something that normally takes a long time, you could just speed it up, and add music with it instead of making them sit through the whole video. This works very well with cooking videos or any demonstration videos.

Adding Music – We have demonstrated adding music, but be sure to add music that is legal. YouTube gives you a lot of options to choose from. You can use free music, ad supported music, and even sound effects. To add them to your video simply find the video you want to add music to and click edit to the right, then audio.adding music to your videoA few tips about adding music to your videos:editedaddmusic

  • Check The Volume – Always double check the volume of the music. If there is talking, you don’t want to cloud that out. If there isn’t talking you want the music to enhance the scene.Choosing Music – The music you choose should bring a feeling to the audience that you want them to have. If you want them calm, pick something calm. If you want them to get off their butts and dance, make it energetic music.
  • Legalities – When you choose music the safest bet is to choose the music that YouTube gives you access to. But, you can find your own creative commons music or, if a musician use your own music, or know one, use their music with permission.The creative commons license is a way that owners of music give permission to others to use it free of royalty fees. That doesn’t always mean the music is free, sometimes you purchase the rights to use it without paying each time it’s played. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it “public domain” or legal to download it and use it. Be careful, your videos will be banned if you get caught using music that you aren’t licensed to use. You can safely use a few seconds of any music in your video, as long as you do not play the entire song. The thing you have to think about is does it inhibit the owner of the song from making money? If not, then you are likely okay.

Keep in mind that any music published before 1922 is in the public domain in the United States, which means you can use it. But if you use copyrighted material without permission, YouTube will strike your account and you could end up banned or even sued by the owner of the music.


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